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Skye Wheatley’s jovial response to cosmetic surgery jibes


Ex Big Brother star, Skye Wheatley, has made light of her cosmetic surgery pursuits by a jovial post on Instagram. The celebrity looks completely unrecognisable from her appearance on the popular reality show two years ago, and has come under scrutiny for her drastically changing facial features.

Skye is happy to admit to many surgical procedures, including breast augmentation, a rhinoplasty, andlip fillers. The star has even offered advice on which brand of lip filler she thinks is the best.When she appeared on Big Brother she sported a ‘surfer girl’ look of tousled blonde locks. Now the star has had a complete overhaul, to the point of looking like a different person, with the public inevitably forming opinions about the ‘makeover.’

In response to growing gossip and speculation, the twenty-three-year old’s Instagram post read, “I did not come out the womb like this that’s for sure!”Skye is clearly un-phased by the media attention and seems to be growing happier with how she looks. In a previously posted YouTube video, the celebrity referred to herself as a bit of an ‘ugly duckling’ that is improving with age.However, her surgery pursuits have not always been a positive experience, when she suffered from a botched breast augmentation in Thailand last year.



Skye Wheatley reveals she’s had lip fillers


Ex Big Brother star, Skye Wheatley, has revealed that she has indeed had lip fillers, after speculation from fans gained momentum. Skye unveiled her new pout on a recent Instagram post promoting HiSmile teeth whitening products, which prompted a frenzy of fan posts.

The 24-year-old confirmed that she had undergone lip filler treatment after a bombardment of questions on Instagram. Skye found herself criticised by some followers, with one loyal fan feeling compelled to defend the star after people trolled her post. Appreciative of her fan’s loyalty the star personally responded and thanked them for their support.

This is not the first time the Instagram star has found herself under the scrutiny of the media and her fan base following cosmetic surgery. Last year Skye had a breast augmentation in Thailand. Unfortunately for her the surgery did not go to plan and she found herself having reconstruction surgery. However, the hell continued as she was left with more complications. She is now scheduled for a second reconstruction in Australia. The star was quoted in the Mail Online, “My boob job experience has literally been hell. Going to see the best of the best doctors, who still look at you and go… it’s gonna take me four hours to fix them”




Former child star asks fans to help fund her dental treatment


A former child pop star has taken to social media to ask fans and followers to help her pay for further dental work, after she realised she was low on funds. Debra Byrne, a former child actor and singer on Young Talent  Time, posted a request for funding as she needs to return to Thailand to complete dental work on a bridge.

Although the post has since been deleted, Debra, 58, initially asked her Facebook friends if they would help raise some money for her to travel back to Thailand in order to finish her treatment. Using the hashtag #paybackalegend, Debra posted ‘Challenge friends… need to return to Bangkok to have bridge work finalised.’ The singers dental treatment began prior to her recent work on a TV show and she added that due to ‘limited time’ she was unable to finish the treatment and undergo a root canal.

As well as paying for her to travel, the actress was asking for money for her three children to accompany her, saying ‘I can manage the accom side of things… but it’s the flight guys… it’s killing me… so if anyone is up for the challenge I need flights for two adults… and two children… flying from Melbourne to Phuket, June 2.’

Has Rob Kardashian started orthodontic treatment?


After watching the antics of the Kardashian clan for the past nine seasons of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, fans were quick to notice when the single Kardashian brother Rob appeared to have started orthodontic treatment, despite the fact that he has apparently had perfect pearly whites over the course of the show.

The 27-year-old was filming footage for the new series of the family’s reality show, when eagle-eyed viewers spotted that Rob appeared to be wearing braces over his teeth. The Kardashian clan were receiving inoculations for their up-coming trip to Thailand and Robert appeared to be wearing some sort of orthodontic appliance but it was not clear exactly what type.

Older sister Khloe underwent orthodontic treatment two years ago but decided to get clear Invisalign braces so that the work would not be obvious from the outside.

As well as his teeth, Rob has been working to improve his fitness and has been spending some time with his sisters and their personal trainer, in order to lose weight and get in shape. He tweeted followers about his current weight and state of mind, saying ‘I’m aware that I’m fat that def aint a surprise to me lol and my only therapy will be in the gym anyways.’

Kiwis are going abroad to find cheaper dental treatment


Recent reports from the New Zealand Dental Association have identified a trend that suggests more and more Kiwis are being driven to other countries in search of cheaper dental treatment, with a growing number purchasing package deals that also include holidays.

A number of dental clinics in Thailand offer tourism dentistry and some New Zealand companies are also benefiting from arranging the trips for patients. Founder of Absolutely Thailand, Roy Watson, has organised dental treatment for over 400 people; he began the business after he was quoted 20,000NZD for extensive work and decided to head to Thailand in search of a better deal. Mr Watson said ‘I had heard about dentistry in Thailand, so I checked with a local clinic [in Thailand] and had the work done for 6000NZD. I had a dental surgeon friend check what had been done when I got back and he said it was absolutely beautiful.’

The New Zealand Dental Association is keen to warn people about the ‘very real risks’ of getting overseas treatment, without the right follow-up care. The association warned that ‘price should not be your only guide, and a travel agent should not be your advisor about oral health.’ They also stated that many dentists in the country are ‘being asked to pick up the pieces after less than competent treatment has been performed overseas.’

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