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Scotty T reveals new veneers


Reality star, Scotty T, has revealed his drastic smile makeover this week, with a series of photos shared on social media. The Geordie Shore star shows off a set of startlingly white veneers, with his fans likening the transformation to an episode of Friends.

The twenty-eight-year-old was compared to the Friend’s character, Ross Gellar, on an episode of the popular US sitcom, where his teeth whitening blunder results in extremely bright pearly whites. In the episode, it shows his smile being so white that it glows in the dark, and Scotty’s fans are having a good laugh at the comparison. However, the comments are not malicious and have been said in a jovial fashion. One fan posted, “Why am I thinking of Ross when he got his teeth done in Friends?!” and another simply wrote, “Alreet Ross Gellar.”

Despite the banter, many fans were still impressed by Scotty’s new veneers, “Love love love them, teeth are everything.” The star is equally happy with his new teeth, as his comment on the post read that he was ‘buzzin’ to get the makeover. The veneers have come following a break from his reality T.V. career, with the star now preparing to start filming the next series of the popular Newcastle based show.



Beautician’s shock over illegal teeth whitening conviction


A beautician has been given a twelve-month conditional discharge for providing illegal teeth whitening. Twenty-one-year-old Trini Warren received the conviction from Bournemouth magistrates court after pleading guilty to providing teeth whitening without the correct qualifications.

Trini Warren performed the illegal procedures at the ‘Smile ‘n’ Sparkle’ in the Poole area. The court heard that Ms Warren felt totally mislead by the salon, as she received two weeks of training and was told she was qualified to provide the cosmetic treatment. She spoke of being ‘oblivious’ that the law was in place and sympathised with other beauticians that could find themselves in the same position as her, through lack of awareness.

Ms Warren was exposed by an undercover operation orchestrated by the General Dental Council back in January, following a string of complaints. Prosecutor, Jenny Stewart, spoke about the case, “There is a misconception that beauticians can practise this treatment. There are associated risks and dangers including burned gums and lost teeth because of the kind of gel used.” Ms Stewart was asked to comment on whether Ms Warren’s employers would be investigated, to which she stated that she was unable to comment due to legal reasons. Smile and Sparkle has since changed its name to Crystal Smiles.




Lenny Kravitz’ initiative for free dental care


Singer, songwriter, Lenny Kravitz, has teamed up with the Glo Foundation to provide a free pop up dental surgery for people living in Gregory Town, Eleuthera, an island of the Bahamas. The home of the celebrity is seeing its second year under the project, with great results.

The aim of the project is to provide people who would normally be unable to afford treatment access to high-quality service, advice and health screening. Kravitz was quoted on the Bahamas Weekly website discussing the initiative, “You might ask why start with dental but it’s something that I saw was extremely needed. There are so many people walking around with infections, with teeth that needed to be extracted, with no teeth. It’s beautiful to see this getting done, people walking out smiling, having teeth when they didn’t have teeth.”

The clinic opened its doors again this month, to the jubilation of the locals, where it saw an influx of people wanting to make use of the services provided. The parish hall was host to the clinic, where top of the range equipment and trained professionals from a world-famous clinic on Fifth Avenue, New York, were on hand to address the people’s needs. The atmosphere outside the parish hall echoed the sentiments of the people, with festivities and celebrations taking place to give thanks for the kindness and generosity shown. Kravitz aims to provide a permanent medical centre in the town within the next three to five years, where locals can access health and dental care completely free of charge.




Dental professionals issue warning for Halloween


With many children, just hours away from embarking on their trick or treating, dentists have issued a stark warning to parents about taking care of their children’s teeth. Professionals are encouraging parents to be mindful when the abundance of sweets and goodies are collected on this year’s celebration of All Hallows’ Eve.

Professor Nigel Hunt, faculty dean of The Royal College of Surgeons, spoke to the BBC about the issue, “We want to help parents make sensible decisions about letting their children eat sweets at Halloween and all year round.” He also spoke about the ‘horror’ associated with trick or treat sweets and children’s teeth, “Unfortunately, those sweet treats can be a Halloween horror for kids’ teeth, sugar is one of the biggest culprits for nasty tooth decay.”

Prof. Hunt has suggested the following advice for parents, for their own families, and any other children that visit their homes to trick or treat. On the night, parents are advised to encourage their children to save their sweets to eat with a meal, and for anyone calling by, consider giving other treats, such as, balloons or stickers. It is essential that children brush their teeth thoroughly after eating their sweets and before bed, and try to provide water, rather than sugary drinks. With teeth extractions in under tens reaching around one hundred and seventy-nine thousand last year and twenty five percent of three to five year olds suffering from tooth decay, professionals are hopeful that the advice will be followed.



Six year old boy gets a new smile


Ryan Coutinho, a young boy from Brazil, lost the majority of his teeth at the tender age of three, leaving only a small few remaining in his lower jaw. Ryan lives with his family near Guajeru, a poverty-stricken town in the north east of the country.

During a community project at Ryan’s school he met twenty-five-year-old dentist, Amanda Mattos, who was shocked by the state of the boy’s teeth. Amanda told the BBC, “I had never seen something like this.” Ryan had to have his teeth extracted due to cavities, and ever since has felt very self-conscious. His teacher told Amanda that he was often isolated from the other children and rarely smiled.

Compelled to help the youngster, Amanda kindly offered him dental treatment free of charge. At first, Ryan’s mother was reluctant to accept the offer for fear that he would suffer a similar ordeal to the extractions, but eventually, after a chance meeting two years later, the family gratefully took her up on the offer. Following a series of x-rays and dental impressions at Amanda’s private dental clinic, Ryan finally got his new smile. Now he has his new denture he cannot stop smiling, and feels happy that he has a smile just like his friends.


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Outrage over potential migrant teeth testing


Earlier on this week, Conservative MP David Davies called for the controversial teeth testing of migrant children to confirm their age. Children have been arriving in the UK, from Calais, to join family members already in situ. Further checks may also potentially be performed, such as, Interviews and fingerprinting to attempt to certify identity.

Suspicions have been raised that some migrants are adults masquerading as children, and the Conservative MP for Monmouth, has called for compulsory dental checks to be performed to identify the age of people gaining refuge in the UK. Mr Davies was quoted on the BBC Website as saying that one of the children arriving had, “lines around his eyes and looks older than I am. If they are jumping on lorries, they are not going to be adverse to lying about their ages. We should do the tests.”

Following the controversy, dentists have condemned the checks, expressing concerns that the procedure would be unethical. A spokesman for the British Dental Association (BDA) has also spoken out about the disputed claims that dental checks would be able to confirm someone’s age and said the BDA was ‘Vigorously opposed’ to the idea of using dental X-rays for such means. “It’s not only an inaccurate method for assessing age, but it is both inappropriate and unethical to take radiographs of people when there is no health benefit for them.” The debate continues.




Bradford in a state of decay over NHS dentistry


The people of Bradford are struggling to find an NHS dentist, the Telegraph and Argus reports. Some patients have reported resorting to ‘D.I.Y.’ procedures, due to lack of places available at NHS dentists across the city. Others have been forced to attend their local Accident and Emergency department to gain treatment for what should have been routine issues, if addressed in a timely manner.

Statistics show that nearly half of the adult population of Bradford are not registered with an NHS dentist and a third of children are in the same predicament. When asked why people have not registered with a dentist, many have said that they have tried to find a practice that would register them,but to no avail.

An anonymous male from the Bradford Four area (BD4) was quoted in a report by Healthwatch saying it took eight years for a dentist place to become available to him, “I’ve ended up extracting one of my own wisdom teeth, which in this day and age is ludicrous. Dentistry has in effect privatised itself.”Healthwatch manager, Victoria Simmons, revealed that the organisation has ‘major concerns’ about the state of NHS dentistry in Bradford.


Man bleeds to death after having teeth removed


Dad of three, Neville Gillespie, has died after having ten teeth removed at his dentist. The fifty-three-year-old attended his appointment at Tiverton Dental Centre for the planned removal of four teeth. The dentist who performed the extractions, Dr Roya Doane, suggested that it may save the patient time if she removed a further four teeth, to which Mr Gillespie agreed and he then suggested another two that were causing him pain.

A few hours after the extractions, Mr Gillespie returned to the dental centre with complaints that his mouth would not stop bleeding. The patient was sent away from the practice with cotton wool to curb the bleeding and advised not to spit the bloody out, as this would hinder clotting. Unfortunately, just hours later, Mr Gillespie’s brother and house mate, Harold Gillespie, found his sibling slumped and covered in blood. Harold raised the alarm by calling emergency services and was talked through how to administer CPR, but sadly was unable to resuscitate his brother.

The inquest was held this week at Devon County Hall, Exeter, where the post mortem revealed that Mr Gillespie died from aspiration of blood and bleeding as a result of the extractions. It was also revealed that the patient was already taking the drug Clopidogrel at the time of the extractions, which is a blood thinning agent. Due to this it would have made it difficult for Mr Gillespie’s blood to clot in order to promote the healing of his empty sockets. After hearing all the evidence, the coroner gave the verdict of death by misadventure, and Dr Doane was found not to have been negligent.





TV show ‘Fake Britain’ exposes the dangers of illegal tooth whitening


The BBC’s morning television show, Fake Britain, have recently aired an episode of the show highlighting the extreme dangers of illegal tooth whitening, and exposing unqualified and unregulated practitioners. The show also looked into the dangers of unsafe or fake home whitening kits.

Teeth whitening has seen a major increase in industry growth over the last few years, with more and more people wanting to achieve a bright white smile. According to research figures, twenty-eight percent of people (one in four) would rather visit illegal beauticians or purchase potentially fake or unsafe home whitening kits than have the procedure performed by a trained dentist.

There are strict regulations attached to the industry that stipulate who can legally and safely perform teeth whitening procedures, therefore it is essential to visit a trained and qualified professional to avoid an array of potential side effects.

The BSDHT (British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy) have also expressed concern over the huge dangers associated with illegal tooth whitening. Their president, Michaela O’Neil, spoke of the dangerous side effects that these products can cause, such as, chemical burns, tooth loss, potential permanent scarring and, in some extreme cases, people have been known to find their breathing and eating severely affected. The BSDHT praised ‘Fake Britain’ for raising people’s awareness of just how dangerous fake products and illegal practises can be.



Dentists say you DO have to floss


After health officials in the US branded flossing a waste of time dentists are quickly jumping to the defence of the daily technique and saying that you should be flossing to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Far from wasting your time, dentists say that flossing can keep teeth strong and help prevent gum disease, as well as other health problems.

The general public are understandably confused about who they should be listening to, after the American Dental Association waded in on the argument last week, saying that just because there is no strong evidence to support flossing, it doesn’t mean that it is not effective at preventing disease and keeping teeth healthy.

Gum disease can lead to heart disease and other conditions, studies have suggested, and dentists are now saying that flossing can stop the damaging bacterium from spreading into the blood stream and causing disastrous health problems for the rest of the body. If practiced correctly, flossing could protect against memory loss and even dementia, according to some research. Flossing should also be combined with brushing twice a day for at least two minutes, in order to maintain a good level of oral health.


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