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Luke Franks gets invisalign


Popular YouTuber, Luke Franks, has recently embarked on Invisalign teeth straightening treatment to rectify his misaligned smile. In true YouTube style Luke has decided to vlog his treatment on his channel, so his thousands of fans can follow his progress every step of the way.

Luke has openly admitted how self-conscious he feels about his teeth and, due to being in the public eye, constantly obsesses over his appearance. He has said that Invisalign is the perfect treatment, as it is virtually invisible, so it will not interfere with his radio, television, and YouTube pursuits. Luke previously had braces as a child, however his teeth reverted back to their previous position. He was very impressed by the difference in Invisalign to the fixed brace he had in his younger years.

Dr Mohsen Tehranian is the dentist performing Luke’s treatment and has successfully provided over two thousand people with Invisalign throughout his career. Dr Tehranian has said that Luke has over crowding to his bottom teeth, however, the issue should be straightforward to fix and will be completed in around six to eight months. He was also able to see a digital representation of what his teeth will look like when the process is finished through specialised Clincheck software.


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Dyson files patent for innovative water jet toothbrush


Rumours have circulated that Dyson may be branching out from their famous vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, by venturing into the dental industry. The British company seems to be wanting a slice of the lucrative dental hygiene market by filing a patent for an innovative new toothbrush design.

The product is loosely described as a ‘smart toothbrush’ and the design suggests that dental floss could, potentially, become a thing of the past. This is due to the water jet technology, that blasts debris and food particles from in between the teeth. The patent for the toothbrush is said to include a reservoir,that can be filled up using ordinary tap water.

The new design could revolutionise the way people brush their teeth, and could challenge the big dental hygiene companies, such as, Braun and Philips.The innovative idea maypossibly rival, and even excel,existing products, such as, theSonicareAirFloss and the Genius toothbrush. Both of which were seen as revolutionary at the time of their production.Although the price of thepotential toothbrush has not yet been stated, it is expected that it will come at quite a cost, considering the price tags on other Dyson products.




Do people feel short changed by celebrity endorsements?


A sudden rise in celebrity endorsements has propelled teeth whitening even further into the forefront of the public domain. With the growing popularity of social media, celebrities with huge followings bombard their fans with the latest ‘must have’ products.

Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Pete Wicks apparently swear by the teeth whitening products they promote; however, it was revealed in the news, a few weeks previously, that Pete Wicks has veneers, which cannot be whitened with conventional kits. Forbes published an article recently on the same topic, discussing how Scott Disick accidentally posted the instructions for his endorsement on Instagram, “Here you go, at 4pm est, write the below. Caption: Keeping up with the summer workout routine with my morning @booteauk protein shake!” The post was swiftly removed, however, not before the damage had already been done.

Forbes performed a survey on around fourteen thousand people, back in March, with very interesting results. The findings suggested that people were ten times more likely to opt for the non-celebrity endorsed products when making a purchase. What used to be a sure-fire way of generating sales, is now evolving into a savvier consumer market.



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Dangerous teeth whitening chemicals seized at East Midland’s airport


Over the past year over seventeen thousand dangerous or unsafe products have been intercepted at one of England’s most popular airports for holiday makers and business professionals. East Midland’s Airport sends and receives planes from destinations all over the world, making it a haven for people trying to smuggle illegal goods in and out of the country.

Amongst the counterfeit goods, Leicester Trading Standards found teeth whitening creams with very dangerous chemical ingredients that could cause significant harm to individuals. The rise in illegal teeth whitening products has been significantly higher over recent years. This could be due, in part, to the cosmetic procedure becoming more and more popular through celebrity endorsements and people becoming more conscious of their appearance on social media.

The illegal teeth whitening trade poses a serious threat to public health, and can cause devastating consequences. Joe Orson of Leicester Trading Standards expressed their commitment, as an organisation, to stamping out criminality and counterfeit goods of any kind, “Stopping harmful goods entering the marketplace and protecting consumers and businesses from falling victim to this form of criminal activity that could put people’s lives at risk is of paramount importance.” Other items that were seized included, faulty LED Lights that posed the risk of electrocution, Jewellery with high metal toxicity levels and laser pens.



Expert claims braces could be harming children’s teeth


International expert, Professor Robin Seymour, has issued a warning that orthodontic treatment, in particular fixed braces, could be risky to children’s dental health. It is estimated that around two hundred thousand young people undergo teeth straightening in England and Wales every year.

Professor Seymour expressed his concerns that braces with fixed brackets and bands attached can make it very difficult for children to brush their teeth. This could then lead to a build-up of plaque and potentially gum disease. He was quoted in the Daily Mail, “While the demand for orthodontic treatments has increased, it needs to be recognised that there are risks associated with such treatments.” He also went on to say that in certain cases, the risks of having a brace could outweigh the benefits, if the patient has existing poor dental hygiene.

The professor also undertook research into effective cleaning methods for people undergoing orthodontic work. His research suggests that there were no extra benefits to using electric tooth brushes, and the interdental brushes, recommended by many dentists, showed no additional benefits in the prevention of plaque. He did however suggest that using alcohol free mouth wash, alongside regular brushing, showed significant removal of debris which could help to maintain good oral health.




Newcastle United striker left needing emergency dental treatment


Fans speculated whether Dwight Gayle would feature in last weekend’s 2-0 win over Leeds United, due to the savage attack that took place in the early hours of Sunday 13th November. According to The Sun Newspaper, the Championship star was out celebrating his teammate, Jamaal Lascelles’, birthday in Liverpool, when the attack happened.

The altercation arose when a member of the public took umbrage to the star’s gloating over his earnings. Gayle was left unconscious after the attack and sadly had four of his teeth knocked out, leaving him needing emergency dental treatment to repair the damage. The sun reported Gayle had a brace like device fitted, presumably to secure his teeth back into position.

If teeth are treated soon after the incident there is a chance that they can re-root themselves back into the gum, with the help of a wire to hold them in place. Following the striker’s ordeal, fans were concerned that he may be out of action, however the player was match fit and raring to go. During the game, Gayle was seen celebrating his two game winning goals by smiling from ear to ear with his newly repaired teeth. In fact, it was impossible to notice there had ever been an issue in the first place.





Danniella Westbrook to sue over botched dental implants


Danniella Westbrook has been in the news over recent weeks, with fears that she had turned to drugs again, after years of battling her addiction. Speculation grew when she was photographed with bandages around the bottom of her nose just a few weeks ago.

It has now emerged that the ex-EastEnders’ star is to sue the Channel Five show, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, for providing her with ‘dodgy dental implants.’ Danniella is going after the show for seven hundred and fifty thousand pounds for loss of earnings and damages, due to contracting blood poisoning from the implants. She spoke to the sun about her ordeal, “I’ve had sleepless nights and crying about the state my teeth are in. Sometimes you want to go out for dinner and have a great big bit of steak but I can’t do that – I’ll probably bite in to it and [the implant] will be stuck in the meat.”

Danniella revealed that a previous car crash left her teeth in tatters and eventually she had them removed and replaced with dentures. Following this, the star longed for a more permanent fix and enquired about dental implants. The dentist did warn the star that the degradation of her bone structure may cause problems with the longevity of the implants and her smoking habit could also cause issues. After the procedure Danniella was unhappy with the results and then months later she found herself fighting for her life, due to septicaemia. The legal case is now being compiled.


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Dental nurse involved in helping Syrian refugees


Debbie Coyle, a dental nurse from Port Glasgow, has endeavoured on a mission of mercy, as part of a team of dental professionals, to help Syrian refugees fleeing war. The initiative has been arranged by Dentaid, a non-profit organisation that provides teams of dentists to the poor and needy. The team gave emergency dental treatment, mainly extractions and fillings, to refugees seeking shelter and safety in Greek camps.

The mission lasted four days, and the team worked tirelessly from morning until night to provide as much care as possible for the people devastated by war. They also handed out supplies of tooth brushes and toothpaste that had been kindly donated by dental practices across Inverclyde. The experience had a big impact on the thirty-five-year-old, she told the Greenock Telegraph, “It has made me see the world a little bit differently. I don’t think people realise how bad life is for the refugees in these camps.”

Debbie also spoke of the terrible conditions in the camps and spent time talking with people about their journey, and the atrocities they had been victim to. However, despite this, she said the refugees were extremely welcoming, even under such terrible circumstances. “When we took people’s teeth out they were so grateful that they would invite you to their tent for a coffee.” Debbie hopes to go back in the future to provide more care for refugees in need.




Regular dental check-ups can slow down the aging of your skin


In today’s society, many people worry about the aging process. With constant pressures from the media and celebrities, people are trying all sorts of treatments to defy the formation of wrinkles. The good news is, it emerged this week, that regular visits to your dentist can help maintain a youthful appearance.

In an interview with Women’s Health Magazine, dermatologist Debbie Palmer revealed, “If you have poor dental health, it can cause a loss of bone density in the jaw and cheeks. The bones provide structure and support for the skin. Loss of this support can lead to wrinkles and sagging of the skin.” During the interview, Ms Palmer also advised that regular check-ups at your dentist are important to maintain good dental health, which has a knock-on effect on your overall health.

Other areas of dentistry can also contribute to keeping wrinkles at bay. Worn down teeth or tooth grinding can also influence the aging process, as this can mean your teeth may give less support to the surrounding skin and your jaw muscles can be over worked. Over working of these muscles can lead to sagging skin, in this case, the dental professional can help by providing a mouth guard that can help to give stability and relieve pressure through the night.





British Orthodontic Society’s warning over DIY braces


Do it yourself braces have grown in popularity over recent years, with many online shops offering appliances and accessories much cheaper than the cost of formal orthodontics. The BOS, a registered charity, have issued a warning to people to avoid this kind of product, as the possible risks to health are high.

Teeth straightening is a complex orthodontic process that requires thorough assessment and diagnosis of an individual’s personal circumstances. What may seem like a simple process requires specialist assessment of the mouth, with factors to be taken into consideration, such as, facial harmony, a person’s bite, overcrowding of teeth etc. The director of the charity’s external relations, Richard George, has issued a statement about the growing issue, “When it comes to the health of your teeth, cutting corners is a really bad idea. Buying aligners online to straighten your teeth without a clinical examination and then embarking on unsupervised treatment is risky and could cause permanent damage.”

The charity currently has a remit for providing patients with support and information on the best care and has expressed concerns over new developments in DIY braces. Worryingly, there are currently no regulations surrounding the websites that are selling these products and they are not run by dental professionals.


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