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3D printed teeth become a reality


3D printed teeth become a reality

Thanks to a collaboration between Dubai’s Middle East Dental Laboratory and Sinterex, 3D printed teeth become a reality. The process uses a 3D printer to achieve natural looking dental implant bridges. The printed teeth are stunningly realistic, making it near impossible to tell the difference. The new technology will also speed up the process of creating dental bridges.

The 3D printing process starts by distributing thin layers of metal powder across a platform. This is then selectively melted by a laser. The use of the laser gives the implants their shape and definition. The implants then have metal parts added to them. These are used to attach it to the patient’s bone. Finally, ceramic is applied. The ceramic gives the implants an even and natural finish which replicates the look of tooth enamel.

Managing Director of Sinterex, Julian Callanan, has been quoted in the media saying, “Using our state of the art 3D printing technology we have been able to produce a highly accurate metal framework in only 4 hours.” This breakthrough is huge in terms of production within the dental industry. 3D printing will increase the speed in which dentists can produce moulds, therefore keeping the patient happy and increasing profits at the same time.


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Irish man’s amazing teeth transformation


Irish man’s amazing teeth transformation

Irish man’s amazing teeth transformation: Fifty-five-year-old Patrick Naughton has undergone an amazing smile transformation thanks to 3Dental in Dublin.

As a child, Patrick had all his milk teeth removed. This left him with severe complications due to there being no structure to guide his growing adult teeth. Therefore, when they erupted, they grew at angles and caused a very unsightly smile.

Patrick decided to get professional help for his teeth after his son had finished his education, and contacted the team at 3Dental. The fifty-five-year-old joked to the Independent Ireland, “I think my teeth frightened the guys when I met with them at first.” Initially, they extracted some of his teeth, then for the first three months, he had to wear wires. Following that, he had an array of dental work, and now has crowns, dental implants and some of his own teeth in place. The process took a year to complete.

Patrick remained positive throughout the process and says that since the work has been finished his confidence has ‘soared’. The treatment has changed his life, and he no longer avoids parties and celebrations through fear of smiling.


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Could fillings become a thing of the past?


Scientists may have potentially discovered a way to banish fillings into the history books, after new research showed promising results. The drug, Tideglusib, has been used in trials for Alzheimer’s patients, but has also shown the potential to repair cavities and stimulate the regrowth of teeth.

The discovery was made by researchers at King’s College London. The findings showed that the drug caused stimulation of the stem cells that are present in the tooth pulp, which in turn generated the production of new dentine underneath the enamel. The teeth can naturally regenerate dentine when the pulp undergoes trauma, however this is only ever a very thin layer, therefore would not be enough to make big repairs, such as a cavity. The new drug is said to disengage a certain enzyme known as GSK-3, which prevents the dentine layer from continuously forming. With this enzyme continuously working, the teeth are potentially enabled to rebuild and re-grow.

Scientists showed results from experiments undertaken, where a small piece of biodegradable sponge was soaked in the drug and inserted into the decayed area of the tooth. This triggered natural tooth growth and the cavity was fully repaired within six weeks. Although in the early stages, these new findings are very promising for the future of dentistry and dental health.

Pioneering jaw and dental surgery for hopeful beauty queen


Twenty-year-old Ellie Jones was born with a rare jaw deformity that also caused issues with the alignment of her teeth. A routine visit to her orthodontist at fourteen years old, uncovered that Ellie’s jaw had not grown in over six years.

At sixteen, Ellie went through a pioneering jaw surgery that completely changed her life. As part of the procedure, surgeons had to cut her jaw vertically and horizontally, before performing corrective chin surgery. The operation left her temporarily unable to talk, in significant pain, and on a liquid diet for a month. Ellie’s only means of communication with her family and friends was a pen and note pad.

However, the surgery was a complete success and Ms Jones now hopes to be crowned the new Miss Wales at next year’s competition. The aspiring beauty queen saw the pageant advertised on Facebook and, with her new-found confidence, decided to give it a go. Ellie’s mum Natalie spoke to the Daily Mail about the dramatic change she has seen in her daughter since the surgery, “The surgery has not only changed the way Ellie looked, but also the way she portrays herself. Her confidence has grown and she’s blossomed into a beautiful young lady.”




Scuba diving could be bad for your teeth


New research has shown that scuba diving could have a dramatic effect on people’s teeth, according to a new study. The research, undertaken by staff at Buffalo University, showed that forty percent of people engaging in scuba diving activities have reported issues with their teeth and jaw.

Before embarking on any scuba diving activity, a medical examination is required, however, this does not include any checks to oral or dental health. Lead author of the study paper, Vinisha Ranna, was quoted in the Daily Mail, “Considering the air supply regulator is held in the mouth, any disorder in the oral cavity can potentially increase the diver’s risk of injury.”

Inexperienced divers can often clench their jaw while underwater, due to the cold temperatures, which can cause an array of issues from jaw pain, lost fillings, or loose crowns. Water pressure also plays a role, as this can cause pockets of air to build up around the roots of the teeth, potentially leading to broken molars, in some cases shattering teeth completely. It is advised that anyone wishing to undertake recreational scuba diving should seek advice from their dentist beforehand, to avoid any potential issues.



Nicholas McDonald chooses Invisalign


Former ex Factor favourite, Nicholas McDonald, has one wish this Christmas, to have straighter teeth. The star has opted for the Invisalign brace system as a way of straightening his teeth in an easy and discreet way.

Nicholas was initially intending to have a traditional fixed brace but changed his mind due to the demands of his career. He felt that traditional methods may make it more difficult to sing as sometimes this kind of orthodontic work can cause a lisp in the early stages. Nicholas seems pleased with his clear retainer and joked that he felt like a boxer about to enter the ring.

The star has had a busy schedule in the run up to Christmas, which the Invisalign has not interfere with. This method allows him to remove the brace for up to two hours a day which allows him to eat and also sing unhindered.

Nicholas also toyed with the idea of a quick fix through dental veneers, however decided that Invisalign was a better option for him. The singer spoke to the Scottish Sun, “For Christmas, the teeth are getting done. I’m not getting veneers. I was going to get them. Vitality Edinburgh are doing the teeth and they are getting fixed. I just don’t like them.” His orthodontic work is due to be completed around May time, so it is a relatively quick turnaround to achieve a straight smile.




Horror over painless extraction method


Swiss dental surgeons have developed a system that claims to be a painless way of extracting teeth. Many people have a fear of the dentist, and for some this new procedure has amplified their concerns more so.

The Benex Extraction System is a fairly new development in dentistry, however despite claims that the procedure is ‘painless’, it has got some people recoiling in horror, after watching clips posted on Facebook last month. Some described the footage as gruesome, after it clocked up one hundred and twenty thousand views in one month. One woman wrote, “Good lord I can only imagine the pain. I don’t want nothing sweet no more ever. This makes me want to brush my teeth every other hour.”

The procedure involves the dentist making an incision at the top of the tooth to allow the root to be loosened using specialised equipment, this is followed by a diamond drill that creates a hole inside the root. The dental surgeon then places an extraction screw into the newly created hole, which is attached to a clamp and used to lever the root out of its socket.

Although this procedure has been tried and tested in other parts of the world, it has been acknowledged that the British public have concerns. British Dental association professor, Damien Walmsley, issued a statement of reassurance, saying that if anyone had watched any footage and were worried about a tooth extraction they should discuss this with their dentist first.



Smile transformation performed twenty years after accident


Cumbrian woman, Donna Fidoe, suffered a terrible accident nearly twenty years ago, that left her with severe injuries, including disfigurement to her face. Ms Fidoe was left hospitalised after a car hit her whilst she crossed the road. The accident was so horrific that her head smashed into the car windscreen, and her skin was ripped open. She was then catapulted backwards, resulting in cracks to her top and bottom teeth.

Ms Fidoe had many years of corrective surgery on her face and was fitted with crowns to strengthen her weakened teeth. Sadly for Ms Fidoe, this was not the end of her woes after she then suffered domestic violence, causing further damage to her teeth. Unfortunately, her tooth had sustained too much damage and could not recover. The tooth was extracted and a denture was fitted to hide the gaping hole. Ms Fidoe was quoted in the Express newspaper, “I rarely left the house at all as I hated the denture so much, it petrified me and every time I put it in my mouth it just took over. I couldn’t concentrate on anything else as I was constantly thinking about the denture.”

The Brighton Implant Clinic heard the tragic story and vowed to help her rebuild her smile. The clinic, founded by Dr Bruno Silva, offers dental work to cancer patients and veterans completely free of charge. Ms Fidoe had all her teeth removed, due to their fragility, and now has a full set of dental implants. The generosity of the clinic changed her life by giving her a fantastic smile, which she is proud to show off to everyone.



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Rise in D.I.Y. dentistry attributed to dental phobia



Dental phobia is a common issue amongst the British public, with over a quarter of the population admitting to a fear of the dentist. The reasons for this vary from being afraid of needles or not liking the smell of the surgery to hating the sound of the drill. Whatever the reasons are, it is inevitable that this could have a detrimental impact on dental health and hygiene.

A survey by the brace company, Sapphire Braces, was performed on 2000 participants, with alarming results. Around a quarter the of the people surveyed admitted they would prefer to take matters into their own hands rather than visit their dentist. Shockingly, some even reported extracting their own teeth by whatever means were available to them at the time.

A spokesman for Sapphire braces was quoted in the mirror, “Shockingly, a quarter of us have attempted a home remedy rather than paying the dentist a visit with a problem. We can’t even imagine what methods were attempted. Tying one end of a piece of string around a decaying tooth and the other to a doorknob, perhaps?” Participants also commented on being unable to afford the cost of treatment and follow up appointments as a reason for performing their own extractions.




Scarlett Moffatt admits she was bullied at school because of her teeth


Queen of the jungle, Scarlett Moffatt, has risen to fame for her appearances on Goggle Box, and more recently being crowned the winner of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. The young starlet warmed the hearts of viewer across the nation with her down to earth, caring, and funny personality. Sadly though, this has not always been the case, as Scarlett confessed that she was subjected to bullying in her school days.

Scarlett suffered trauma to her teeth after an unfortunate car accident when she was eleven years old, and had to be fitted with plastic caps due to having the nerves removed from her teeth. She was also left with Bell’s Palsy which caused one side of her face to droop, due to temporary paralysis. Following this she became a target for bullies. Scarlet was quoted in The Telegraph, “I smashed my teeth and had all the nerves taken out, so I had a black tooth as well as a monobrow, and I was a little bit chubby, and then half my face was on the slide.”

The young star jovially described herself as a ‘weirdo’ and attributes this to not bowing down to pressure to fit in at school. Now, Scarlett’s teeth are a far cry from what they once were, as she showed off her beautiful dental veneers whilst posing for pictures as she left the jungle. Scarlett is set to make around a million pounds in television appearances and endorsements following her exit from the jungle, so it begs the question, who has had the last laugh now?


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