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Holiday leaves Phillip Schofield in need of teeth whitening


Phillip Schofield appears to have had teeth whitening.TV viewers may be used to seeing Phillip Schofield with a perfect smile, but he was in need of teeth whitening after a recent holiday.

The This Morning regular told viewers today (October 5th 2010) that he had recently been on a wine-tasting trip where he sampled more than 100 wines from Bordeaux.

However, while he had great fun and reportedly still sober, Schofield’s teeth came out somewhat worse for wear.

He showed viewers a photograph of himself smiling with his smile looking a funny shade of brown and also posted it on Twitter with the caption: “As expected I look like [TV rag and bone man] Albert Steptoe.”

Despite Schofield’s adventure, his teeth were back to their usual dazzling shade today, presumably after some rather speedy teeth whitening treatment, the Daily Mail reports.

This comes after scientists in Canada discovered last year that red wine could be good for teeth in the long run, because it can help stave off periodontal diseases.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800100068-ADNFCR


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SuBo in need of teeth whitening?


Susan Boyle could need teeth whitening.Susan Boyle may need to have teeth whitening treatment before her new autobiography is released in the UK.

This is the suggestion of Contact Music, which said the singer’s teeth “appear to be discoloured” when she smiles.

SuBo was spotted wearing a red leather jacket as she made her way to St John’s hospital in Livingston, in her native Scotland.

Her autobiography, The Woman I Was Born To Be, is released later this month and detailed her life both before and after she shot to fame on Britain’s Got Talent.

She reveals she blames her father Patrick for ending one of her relationships in her 20s, as he warned the potential suitor off to protect her.

Last month, cosmetic dentistry expert Dr Joe Oliver told InStyle magazine that teeth whitening and dental veneers could help people to look ten years younger and could even result in a smile as dazzling as Cheryl Cole’s.

Dr title is appropriate for dentists, says BDA


The Dr title should remain for British dentists, according to consensusPractitioners of dental procedures such as teeth whitening and teeth implants should continue to use the title ‘Dr’, according to a survey.

The British Dental Association (BDA) carried out an online discussion over the use of the courtesy title between July and September this year, attracting a large number of responses.

It indicated that dentists in London and elsewhere are keen to continue being referred to as Dr, while the majority of patients are not confused by the presence of the title.

“The practice of referring to dentists in this way is long-established overseas and is also now firmly embedded in the UK,” said Dr Susie Sanderson, chair of the association’s executive board.

She added that patients have no issue with the title “as long as it is made clear that the individual in question is a dentist”.

The BDA, a professional body which has approximately 23,000 members in the UK, conducted the discussion in response to a consultation being run by the General Dental Council.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800088445-ADNFCR

Baby boomers ‘say no to signs of ageing with teeth whitening’


Teeth whitening is helping baby boomers to stay looking youngThe baby boomer generation are increasing looking at ways to stay looking young, such as having teeth whitening.

This is one of the findings of a new survey carried out by Saga Magazine, which discovered that the over-50s are keen to keep their bright smiles as they move into their twilight years.

According to the poll, 62 per cent of women in this age bracket believe they are judged more closely on their appearance than would have been the case in the past.

The survey also found that the use of anti-wrinkle creams and fake tanning lotions are also soaring among baby boomers.

Editor of the publication Emma Soames said that actress Dame Helen Mirren is a good example of a woman who has grown old gracefully – and many of her fans want to copy her “age-positive” look.

She added: “Today’s over-50s are a generation that has successfully redefined attitudes to age and ageing.”

Earlier this month, a report by American Express Spending & Saving Track discovered that 45 per cent of youngsters want teeth whitening treatments before going back to school after the holidays.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800069969-ADNFCR

Lady Gaga ‘uses teeth whitening product for MTV VMAs’


Lady Gaga 'had a teeth whitening product in her room'The MTV Video Music Awards took place this week and one source revealed that Lady Gaga may have needed her teeth whitening before she faced the cameras.

Speaking to the Mirror, a source revealed that the fashionable pop star wanted a white theme as a nod to Madonna’s Like A Virgin hit.

“Her dressing room was stocked with white tea sets, Smile Studio teeth whitening, white flowers, white sofas … Everything was ice white,” they were quoted as saying.

It was certainly a successful awards ceremony for the singer, who won eight gongs including best collaboration, best female video, best pop video and video of the year – most of which were for the song Bad Romance.

Lady Gaga’s teeth whitening was not the only colour change the star was involved in, with the publication reporting that she asked for the red carpet to be swapped for a white one.

The singer is currently touring the US before undertaking a series of gigs in Europe.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800066184-ADNFCR

Teeth whitening ‘can help leave a good impression’


Teeth whitening 'can help leave a good impression'Teeth whitening procedures which leave people with good smiles can give a good impression, it has been suggested.

According to an article in the Times of India, a lot of men and women are opting for the cosmetic procedure in order for people to think positively of them when they first meet.

Speaking with the newspaper, cosmetic dental surgeon Dr Shreyank Patel said: “There is a strong desire to sport dazzling smiles in our celebrity obsessed society.”

Cosmetic dentist Dr Sunita Vhatkar added that teeth whitening procedures can help people come across better.

“Discoloured, yellowed, chipped, uneven teeth gives one a shabby appearance. Having a great smile also boosts one’s confidence and self-esteem,” she commented.

A recent survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry echoed these sentiments, with 77 per cent of people saying that they believed an imperfect smile could prevent them from having a successful career.

It also found that 96 per cent thought a perfect smile made them more attractive to others. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800063960-ADNFCR

Brides-to-be seek teeth whitening treatments


Brides-to-be seek teeth whitening treatmentsBrides-to-be are likely to be looking for dental clinics in London which offer teeth whitening treatments after a magazine suggested that it could help them achieve the perfect smile.

According to Perfect Wedding magazine, teeth whitening procedures should be an investment women make ahead of their wedding day.

It suggested that visiting a dental clinic a few months to a year before the big day to have treatment on teeth could help girls “have a perfect smile on the biggest day of your life”.

The article added that it was as important as other beauty treatments, including looking after skincare, getting their body into shape and having hair done.

Teeth whitening was also recognised as an important part of the wedding beauty plans which include having treatments such as botox, microdermabrasion and hair reduction, according to the Deccan Herald.

Speaking to the newspaper, cosmetic laser surgeon Dr Pritam Pankaj said that more women are having cosmetic surgery treatments “to look their best on their wedding day”.  ADNFCR-2621-ID-800060688-ADNFCR

Teeth whitening ‘could help with career success’


Teeth whitening could affect career prospects.Teeth whitening treatment could help a person’s career prospects, according to a new survey.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) carried out a poll and found that 99.7 per cent of adults think a smile is a vital social asset.

While 96 per cent said they believe it can make a person more appealing to the opposite sex, 74 per cent opined that an imperfect smile could hinder someone’s chances of landing a good job.

When asked what they would most like to improve about their own smile, the majority of respondents said they would like whiter teeth.

The AACD said that although many DIY teeth whitening kits are available, treatments administered by a proper dentist remain the safest and most effective.

This follows a number of warnings about teeth whitening kits, with consumer organisation Which? recently saying they can cause burns to the mouth and damage to tooth enamel.

Celebrity dentist speaks out about who needs teeth whitening


Some actors at the Emmy Awards could have done with teeth whitening, a dentist has said.A celebrity dentist was on hand at the Emmy Awards this weekend to spot who had a great smile – and who could do with a bit of teeth whitening.

Dr Catrise Austin, author of The VIP Smiles Guide to Whiter Teeth, took a place alongside the red carpet and delivered her views on the best teeth in the world of television acting.

Matthew Morrison of Glee fame was awarded best male celebrity smile by Dr Austin, while Sofia Vergara from Modern Family took the best female celebrity smile category.

However, John Lithgow from Dexter was selected among the worst celebrity smiles list, as was Christina Hendricks from Mad Men.

“Christina is a beautiful girl, but you’ll notice that she rarely smiles in her pictures on the red carpet perhaps because her smile is far from perfect,” the dentist commented.

Dr Austin recommended that anyone unhappy with their teeth could try dental veneers, invisible braces and teeth whitening.

Earlier this month, the media speculated that Kelly Brook had undergone teeth whitening after she was spotted in LA with a dazzling smile.


Birmingham most in need of teeth whitening?


Birmingham and London are hotspots for people wanting teeth whitening treatments.A new study has shown some interesting statistics on teeth whitening trends.

Discount website said it had noticed that lots of people were signing up for vouchers for teeth whitening kits, so it decided to investigate the patterns city by city.

Its research found that 18 per cent of all the coupons were registered for by people in Birmingham, suggesting they may be most in need of cosmetic dentistry.

London, Liverpool, Brighton and Exeter were also found to have a high proportion of registrations for teeth whitening coupons.

In contrast, only two per cent of vouchers went to people in Portsmouth, while Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester and Cardiff were also largely ignoring the kits.

Mark Pearson, spokesperson or, said: “I was surprised at the statistics, as we didn’t expect there to be such a big difference in demand between cities.”

However, the news also highlights the fact that people may still be buying dangerous teeth whitening kits online.

Earlier this week, Which? advised consumers against purchasing these products, as they may damage the teeth and burn the mouth.

Anyone wanting to have their teeth whitened would be better advised to seek out a professional cosmetic dentist.

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