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Zoom teeth whitening gathers media attention


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Zoom teeth whitening gathers media attentionZoom teeth whitening gathers media attention this month and is fast becoming the seasons new must have. A white smile is so iconic as part of the fashion ‘must-haves’ that it has overtaken the little black dress. Teeth whitening is now the most requested cosmetic treatment on the market. It is rare that you see a celebrity on the red carpet without a white smile.

In an over-saturated market, it can be hard to know which will deliver the best results. However, Zoom whitening has been praised by the media for delivering instant results and is the perfect complement to your winter wardrobe. Zoom is an effective treatment for food and drink stains, as well as tobacco yellowing, tooth ageing, and some discolouration from medications.

The reason why Zoom is so effective is due to the way that the bleach is activated. This is achieved by using a LED light to help the bleach penetrate deeper into the tooth enamel. If you would like a whiter smile for the party season why not give Zoom a try yourself.


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Kim Kardashian’s dentist reveals all


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Kim Kardashian’s dentist reveals all on just how the mega star gets such a perfect smile. Dr. Kevin Sands is a well-known celebrity dentist due to his talent and skill. As well as the Kardashian family, he also treats Hollywood celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Miley Cyrus.

Dr. Sands, Kim Kardashian’s dentist reveals all….

Dr. Sands has said that the secret to Kim’s beautiful smile is simply undergoing teeth whitening and Invisalign braces. According to Dr. Sands, Kim has teeth whitening twice a year to ensure a dazzlingly white smile. At age twenty-eight she also had Invisalign clear braces to straighten her misaligned smile. The results from Invisalign, coupled with regular whitening, has given her one on the most well-known smiles in Hollywood.

Dr. Sands’ expert advice was featured on “For optimal results, you should get a cleaning before you get a whitening — any plaque on your teeth will not bleach. You need to avoid coloured foods for the first 48 hours after your teeth whitening. Your pores are more exposed and susceptible to stain.” Therefore, if you would like a smile like Kim’s then Invisalign treatment and teeth whitening are the way forward.


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Tesco gets rid of illegal whitening at stores


Tesco has decided to get rid of teeth whitening treatment at 52 of the their stores, after the General Dental Council advised that the treatment was illegal if carried out by people who are not a qualified dental professional. After investigation, it was found that unqualified people where offering the treatment from ‘concession’ stands in the supermarkets stores.

The chain which provided the treatment, Regis, said that they have scrapped the treatment at Tesco stores as well as at its 130 salons, despite claiming that the treatment was perfectly safe.

A Sunday Mirror investigation revealed that the stores were carrying out the treatment without the proper qualifications and some were found to be selling DIY whitening kits to customers. Spokesperson for the GDC Katie Spears said that they were ‘pleased’ that the company had decided to pull the treatment from stores and salons, as ‘teeth whitening is the practice of dentistry and can only be legally and safely carried out by a professional.’

A Regis spokesperson confirmed that the company would no longer be providing teeth whitening based ‘on the advice of trading standards.’

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Former rugby star opens cosmetic clinic


St Helens winger Anthony Stewart has swapped the rugby pitch for rather more serene surroundings, by opening up his own cosmetic clinic in Billinge. The Cosmetic Body Clinic offers a range of non-surgical treatments, such as teeth whitening, Botox, semi-permanent make-up and natural skin peels, with discounted prices starting at £69 for tooth whitening.

The 32-year-old sportsman scored 56 dries during his rugby career and was a regular for The Saints from 1996 to 2004; he also represented Lancashire and played for Ireland. Anthony reasoned that rugby careers can often be fleeting, and he decided to turn his hand to the cosmetic industry, rather than facing early retirement. He was anxious to point out that the prices at The Cosmetic Body Clinic were affordable for customers from all walks of life, saying ‘Treatments… such as laser hair removal are quite expensive. The machines we have are more advanced and powerful, and are far cheaper.’

Referring to his former team mates, Anthony also added that they had been ‘supportive’ and some were taking advantage of the perks of knowing the boss, ‘A few have been in for a hot stone massage, ‘ he said, ‘and their wives have had their teeth whitened.’ The rugby star is no stranger to pampering himself now he’s off the field either, he said; ‘I have had a few things done myself, such as the teeth whitening, and my wife Dawn is trying to get me to have a skin peel, which I am thinking of doing, but I won’t use the slimming machine.’

Lindsay Lohan’s smile sparkles again after Zoom teeth whitening


After pictures recently surfaced in the press showing her stained, decaying teeth, it seems that Lindsay Lohan has decided to smarten up her image in the run up to her $1million Playboy photo shoot.

Lindsay was pictured at a red carpet event in LA at the beginning of October with brown stains on her teeth and dark areas that appeared to be decay setting in – although she didn’t seem too shy about displaying her smile to the waiting photographers. Showbiz websites were instantly rife with rumours about drug use and neglect, but Lindsay’s spokesperson was philosophical, saying that there are far too many serious problems in the world for reporters to be commenting on Lindsay’s teeth. Lindsay has just begun 400 hours of court mandated community service at an LA morgue.

With a fresh denial of drug use came a smile with a bit more sparkle, the Mean Girls actress underwent a Zoom! teeth whitening treatment that bleaches the stains and brightens dark enamel. Lindsay seemed to be delighted with the results, thanking Dr. Bill Dorfman – who appeared on popular US show Extreme Makeover – via her Twitter page, but complaining ‘My gums are so sore though!’

Although Lindsay’s keeping tight-lipped about any other procedures, there are those in the cosmetic dentistry world who are suggesting she has fixed her teeth with veneers or crowns, and not just a simple whitening treatment.

Bride-to-be Michelle wins a whiter smile


A blushing bride-to-be from York has won a teeth-whitening treatment at York’s Diamond Teeth Whitening clinic as part of an all-inclusive wedding prize courtesy of local paper The Press. 

Michelle Stannard and her fiance Adrian Elliott beat twenty other couples to win their dream wedding, which will take place in April 2012. The prize not only included a teeth-whitening session, but also covered the rest of the details too – venue, catering, clothing, flowers, and anything else you can think of. 

Thanks to a one-hour treatment with Diamond dentist Alex Keogh, Michelle will be able to dazzle her wedding guests with a brighter, whiter smile. She will also return for an additional session before the big day, to make sure her teeth really sparkle. The teeth whitening procedure uses a special gel, which is activated by a blue curing light, to break down any stains or discolouration on the teeth, leaving them looking polished and natural. Typically, these treatments are very successful, but can be expensive when provided by top industry surgeries.

Tooth whitener Alex was more than happy to give Michelle a new smile for her special day, saying; ‘Your wedding photos are the ones you keep forever, so it’s a one off chance to have a white smile in your wedding photos. Michelle’s teeth were very white to start with, so she went for four or five shades difference’.

Teeth whitening treatment ‘gives brighter smile’


Teeth whitening treatment 'gives brighter smile'A journalist who tested teeth whitening treatment in London has said that the procedure left her with a brighter smile.

Rebecca Cox, writing for Sky’s Showbiz page, had the treatment to see what effects it would have on her teeth.

She told readers that although she did not have particularly stained teeth prior to the procedure, she has been “proudly showing off my gnashers at any opportunity”.

Ms Cox said: “As a non-smoker with no taste for tea or coffee my teeth weren’t in need of drastic repair, but the whitening treatment has undoubtedly left my smile whiter and brighter.”

More people could be tempted to have teeth whitening treatment following the writer’s recommendations, especially after it was recently suggested that it is more effective than buying whitening toothpaste.

An oral health expert told that chemicals in toothpastes can often make teeth enamel look dull after continuous use. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800109143-ADNFCR

Teeth whitening treatment ‘is better than buying whitening toothpaste’


Teeth whitening done by your dentist may be better than brightening toothpastes.People who regularly buy toothpaste that is supposed to make their teeth brighter may be better off booking themselves in for teeth whitening treatment.

This is the suggestion of an article on, which asked an oral health expert about whether or not the formulas are actually any good.

“In many instances, chemicals in whitening toothpastes can wear down tooth enamel and make them look dull,” the unnamed source commented.

He pointed out that this is because the chemicals in such toothpastes “differ greatly” from those used in proper tooth whitening systems.

Phillip Schofield was recently among the celebrities who appear to have had teeth whitening treatment after his smile was left stained by a wine-tasting trip, the Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile, Contact Music suggested that Susan Boyle may need to head back to the dentist’s chair again after she was pictured with teeth that appeared to be discoloured and yellowed.

Teeth whitening may be quicker than you think


Patients can get whiter teeth in a lot less than a month.A dental expert has said that patients may be able to get whiter teeth more quickly than they think.

Martin G Goebbel, a dentist in the US, wrote an article in response to a reader query submitted to KRQE News, which asked if it is possible to achieve brighter-looking teeth in a month.

“You can have whiter teeth in about two hours with a chairside teeth whitening procedure if your teeth are in good shape,” he commented.

Dr Goebbel added that if they are not, patients could still get a better smile by having dental veneers fitted.

Patients may also be able to have teeth whitening treatment in less than two hours if they opt for a Zoom procedure.

Dentist Dr Sherzoy told the Daily Rosetta last month that Zoom teeth whitening is safe, gentle and quick, often taking less than one hour.

The process uses a special gel and a light to get the teeth looking a few shades brighter.

X Factor contestants ‘may not have time for teeth whitening’


Will the contestants on this year's X Factor get teeth whitening? The new batch of contestants for The X Factor may not have time to get teeth whitening treatment before their first live television appearance.

This is according to cosmetic dentistry expert Mervyn Druian, who brightened the smiles of last year’s wannabes, but told the schedules are so strict this year that the new entrants may not get the same care.

“The X Factor has said that they are very tight on timings so they may not be able to get the finalists’ teeth whitened at all,” a spokesperson commented.

Controversy has already been raging surrounding some of some of the contestants who made it through to the first stage of live finals.

Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel were both told they had been successful by Cheryl Cole, despite neither completing their final auditions at the judge’s house.

Meanwhile, Gamu Nhengu was eliminated on last Sunday’s episode even after a near-flawless performance.

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