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Pete Wicks’ teeth whitening endorsement angers fans


The Only Way Is Essex star, Pete Wicks, has upset his fans yet again this week, as a tirade of angry and dismayed comments were posted on his Instagram account, following a photo of him promoting teeth whitening strips.

Ordinarily this would not be seen as a big deal, just another celebrity endorsing a product, right? However, the twist in this tale lies in the fact that Pete has previously spoken on the popular reality show about his new veneers. Some may say that the frustrated comments were deserved, as fans felt conned by the advertisement and that the celebrity was only thinking about the monetary gain, rather than giving them genuine recommendations. One fan’s comment on the Instagram post read, “Crowns and veneers don’t whiten. But you knew that.” Another was quick to highlight his deception, “So right there’s even been an episode of TOWIE talking about his veneers!!!”

And this is not the first time that the star has upset his fans. A previous Instagram backlash ensued when he was outed for messaging other women, just a few weeks ago, while in a relationship with fellow T.O.W.I.E regular Megan McKenna. It seems that Pete has some making up to do, not only his fans, but in his personal life too.



Teeth whitening strips stolen in California


Robber makes off with teeth whitening stripsUp to $550 (£336) worth of teeth whitening strips have been stolen from a store in California.

According to the Palm Beach Post, a man was seen stealing ten boxes of teeth whitening strips from the store and was recorded on video, but it remains unclear as to how he fled the area.

An employee of the business flagged down a police officer and told him that the store had just been robbed, the publication noted.

The man had entered the store and pretended to have a gun in a plastic bag, when the clerk failed to open the cash register, the criminal ran for the door, grabbing the boxes of teeth whitening strips as he bolted.

Elsewhere, rumours recently surfaced that Hollywood actress Helena Bonham Carter took the prosthetic teeth of her character from the recent Harry Potter film.

"They won't fit anybody else's mouth anyway so I thought nobody would mind. I'll miss being a witch but at least with the teeth I can play at home," she told Showbiz Spy.

Brits advised on teeth whitening


People have been advised on the best teeth whitening products. has highlighted the range of teeth whitening treatments that are presently available to consumers and has stated that the best options depend upon the results that people wish to achieve.

It noted that in cases where discolouration is not overly pronounced then over-the-counter products can be the best choice, as they are often inexpensive yet successful.

For more severe cases, individuals are advised to seek out a dental professional to carry out the treatments, as they have access to stronger whitening gels and are trained in getting the best results.

Elsewhere, a blogger on Truth In Aging recently stated that people can effectively whiten their teeth simply through managing their oral health routine more effectively.

The unnamed individual stated that using teeth whitening toothpaste – and teeth whitening strips for problem areas – are effective when used daily.

Teeth whitening treatments ‘do work’


People looking to improve the brightness of their smile have been advised that teeth whitening works.

People hoping to whiten their teeth using well-rounded oral health routine and the help of some whitening toothpaste can take heart that the method does work.

A blogger on Truth In Aging stated that she spends two minutes each night brushing her teeth using whitening toothpaste and targets difficult stains with teeth whitening strips.

“Afterward, my teeth seem more polished (due to sodium bicarbonate), protected (from attack by bacteria) and sparkling. Specific stains fade within a week and my oral hygiene appreciates the added step,” the unnamed blogger wrote.

However, she did advise not to be overly vigorous with whitening procedures, as sensitive gums can be extremely painful.

Elsewhere, the Chicago Tribune recently reported that individuals who suffer from asthma could use teeth whitening toothpaste to help tackle their symptoms.

The publication noted that these toothpastes contain saltpetre – a compound which was advised in the treatment of asthma and arthritis for many years.

Baking soda can ‘assist with teeth whitening’


Baking soda can 'assist with teeth whitening'Those looking at teeth whitening procedures can try several different methods at home.

This is according to an article on by Adrian Wozniak, who says that these offer different benefits and minimal side effects, the most of common of which is gum irritation.

While none of these are as effective as professional dental whitening, he says, paint or brush-on formulas can help, with these applied after a person brushes their teeth in the morning or evening.

"This will probably work on teeth that only need to be lightened a few shades," Mr Wozniak wrote.

"Very yellow teeth and teeth stained through use of medications like tetracycline are unlikely to respond to this method."

The dental expert also recommended whitening toothpaste, which he referred to as the "easiest way" to whiten your teeth while at home.

Individuals with yellow teeth, however, should opt for teeth whitening strips, which consist of plastic strips coated on one side by hydrogen peroxide.

Those wanting to guarantee pearly white teeth should consider visiting a cosmetic dentist, with this accepted as the most effective and safe teeth whitening method.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19382344-ADNFCR

People ‘do not realise teeth whitening is an option’


Teeth whitening is an option some may want to considerPeople do not realise that teeth whitening can have genuine effects on brightening their smile, it has been claimed. noted advertisements on the radio, internet and television are encouraging people to do something about their discoloured enamel.

The company explained many individuals were aware that drinking and eating certain items could make teeth look less-than-perfect.

However, it added that a lot of folk do not realise they can combat this problem.

"We always hear of so many tooth pastes, gum products, mouth washes and teeth whitening strips, but we seldom hear of any positive, real results," the firm stated.

Teeth whitening could be the ideal option for people who feel their smile could do with a bit of brightening up.

On a recent Teletext forum, a number of people discussed the merits of cosmetic dentistry and opting to get gnashers more pearly was one popular option.

A respondent to the discussion, Jill from Whitby, said while she would never go under the knife for a nip and tuck, she would perfect her smile with a teeth whitening procedure.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19375785-ADNFCR

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