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Red carpet smile said to be equal to wearing the perfect outfit


During the US award ceremony season, it is tradition that celebrities are scrutinised for how they look and what they are wearing. Red carpet dresses have long since gained attention, whether that is for good or bad reasons. However, in recent years a new ‘must have’ accessory has become essential, straight, and dazzlingly white teeth.

One of Hollywood’s premier cosmetic dentists, Dr Kevin Sands, says he is absolutely pulled out in the award’s season, with celebrities wanting their teeth fixed or whitened. The popular surgeon was quoted in the L.A. Times, “Everyone wants to at least have their teeth whitened before the big event. They’re doing all their Botox and everything else, and the teeth are the most important thing because the smile is the first thing you look at.”

Dr Sands’ list of celebrity clientele is very impressive, with the likes of Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Robert Downey Jr, and Charlie Sheen attending the popular dentist’s surgery. Earlier on in the year Kim even snapchatted her emergency trip to have a chipped tooth fixed.

The importance of a perfect smile was also evident at the last two Emmy Awards. Bags of freebies were distributed filled with toothpaste for porcelain veneers, free root canal work, rechargeable toothbrushes, and free teeth cleaning.



Teeth whitening news: Round-tipped toothbrushes ‘are most effective’


Teeth whitening news: Round-tipped toothbrushes 'are most effective'People contemplating teeth whitening treatment to improve their bright smiles should use a toothbrush with a round tip for effective cleaning, an expert has claimed.

Periodontologist Professor Robin Seymour advised members of the public to make use of soft bristles in order to improve oral hygiene.

According to the Dentyl Active spokesman, toothbrushes with hardened bristles could damage the protective layer of enamel and lead to painful sensitivity.

Professor Seymour stated that the most effective types of teeth cleaning equipment enable users easy access to all areas of the mouth.

He added: "Electric or powered toothbrushes do have an important role to play in regular plaque removal. They are particularly useful in reaching the difficult tooth surfaces."

This advice comes after a survey by Wrigley revealed that 94 per cent of people forget to take care of their oral health after eating dinner.

Conducted to mark the start of the British Dental Health Foundation's National Smile Month campaign, the study also showed that only nine per cent of participants were willing to discuss their oral health with friends.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800568250-ADNFCR

Giant burgers ‘could lead to emergency dentistry’


Giant burgers 'could lead to emergency dentistry'Dentists from Taiwan have raised concerns over super-sized fast-food burgers causing damage to people’s jaws, which may require them to need emergency dentistry.

The experts have called for convenience food restaurants to label their products so the public are aware of the dangers of over-extending their mouths, the China Post reports.

Specialist Chen Yun-chih warned that trying to bite into a burger with a height of more than eight centimetres could cause injury to the mouth.

He explained that the temporomandibular joint – which connects the jaw and the bone in front of the ear – can be pulled excessively as a result of eating the large cuisine.

Hsu Ming-lun, associate professor at the School of Dentistry of National Yang-Ming University, described how numerous individuals had visited dental surgeries complaining of the condition after eating at two local fast-food outlets.

Experts at the Ontario Dental Association recently encouraged parents to make children’s teeth cleaning a fun exercise in order to instil good oral health practices in their offspring.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19889381-ADNFCR

Make children’s teeth cleaning fun, experts advise


Make children's teeth cleaning fun, experts adviseMaking tooth care seem fun is a good way to get children to learn about dental hygiene, according to one organisation.

The Ontario Dental Association (ODA) encouraged parents to instil good oral health practices in their offspring to prevent the need for emergency dentistry later in life.

“Tooth decay is the number one chronic childhood disease,” Dr Lynn Tomkins, president of the ODA said, adding: “It’s important for parents to remind their children about good oral hygiene habits to prevent tooth decay.”

Including a child in activities such as picking out a toothbrush and teaching them about healthy snacks can be good ways to increase their awareness of the importance of looking after their mouths, the institution stated.

Youngsters were advised to ensure they brush their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and floss at least once daily.

Dr John Liu, president of the American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry, recently commented that oral health is just as important in baby teeth, even though they will eventually fall out, reported.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19881209-ADNFCR

Poor oral hygiene ‘can cause bad breath’


Poor oral hygiene 'can cause bad breath'People who suffer from bad breath have been advised by one expert to clean their teeth after eating and increase their fluid intake.

Dr Nabin Basnet explained bad breath is most common after a night’s sleep due to the saliva flow slowing down as people rest, Republica reports.

He recommended consuming regular fluids that help dispel the scent by washing the mouth out and removing any plaque, which if allowed to build up may lead to the need for emergency dentistry.

Additionally a foul-smelling odour can be the result of inadequate teeth cleaning, in which case it was recommended individuals ensure they scrub around their teeth and gums thoroughly.

The dentist suggested brushing teeth after eating as bacteria can develop within ten to 15 minutes of consuming food and begin to cause damage, he said.

Snacking throughout the day was recently suggested by Dr Philippa Sawyer, chairwoman of the Australian Dental Association, to be a contributing factor in why tooth decay appears to be becoming more prevalent, the Herald Sun reported.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19867515-ADNFCR

Clean teeth ‘for at least three minutes’


Clean teeth 'for at least three minutes'Teeth should be brushed for at least three minutes to ensure effective cleaning and prevent the need for emergency dentistry, one publication has claimed.

People need to do more than just clean their teeth to maintain a good level of oral hygiene, IBT Health stated.

It advised that individuals chew gum and drink plenty of water throughout the day to help remove bacteria build-up in the mouth.

To prevent bad breath and tooth decay, flossing between teeth is recommended, along with rinsing with warm water and salt after meals.

The health guide reminded both adults and children that daily brushing should last for three times the length of the average minute and to have regular dental check-ups.

Failure to adequately look after a smile could have psychological and physical effects it warned, describing how digestive ailments could occur as a result.

Writing for the Windsor Star, Dr David Mady recently claimed that teeth problems can affect a person’s performance by distracting them and damaging their self-esteem.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19854017-ADNFCR

Alternative teeth cleaning methods


People do not just have to use toothpaste to brush their teeth.

Everyone knows that maintaining a regular oral health routine is beneficial to the long-term health of their teeth, but when a person runs out of toothpaste, there are alternatives that could help them avoid missing their daily brush.

WorlDental reported household baking soda is a constituent of some toothpastes and at a push, using a small amount of a brush with water can help to clean the teeth due to its abrasive qualities.

Furthermore, using a clean cloth soaked in warm water can also be a useful way to clean the teeth, although the publication noted that none of these methods should be used on a long-term basis.

Elsewhere, Mark Wolff, chair of cariology and comprehensive care at New York University School of Dentistry, recently told that people should refrain from brushing their teeth directly after drinking acidic beverages.

He noted that the enamel is weakened by acidic foods and drinks and therefore brushing soon after consuming these things could be detrimental to long-term oral health.

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