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Teen discovers her toothache is in fact a ‘gobstopper’-sized tumour


A teenager who developed toothache was told that the pain and swelling she experienced was in fact a rare tumour that had grown to the size of a gobstopper. Nadia Hobbs, 18, of Exeter, started to get toothache and believed that this was due to her wisdom tooth coming through. However, after further inspection she found a lump on her jaw line, which quickly grew in size. Doctors were initially baffled by the condition after tests were done on her glands to try and determine the problem.

Nadia was referred to A&E in terrible pain and finally a diagnosis was made; a rare form of cancer known as rhabdomyosarcoma had developed and the teenager would have to undergo seven rounds of chemotherapy to get rid of the tumour – it has now shrunk by 75%. Nadia thanks her mum for referring her to A&E after the pain worsened and says that she was given the diagnosis ‘sooner rather than later’. She added that the pain was similar to that of a wisdom tooth coming through, which meant she was referred to a dentist after visiting her GP.

After completing her treatment, the teenager said ‘I still don’t know what my future holds but I know I’m going to fight cancer every step of the way’ and she is now fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust, having raised £15,000 already.


Fans are wondering if One Direction member is wearing braces


Eagle-eyed fans of boyband One Direction don’t miss a thing, and rumours are flying around the internet that band member Louis Tomlinson has started orthodontic treatment, even though his teeth seem to be perfectly aligned. Fans inundated Twitter with posts attempting to find out the truth about the singers dental work.

The rumours started last week when Louis, 22, posted a picture on Twitter which appeared to show a piece of metal over his relatively straight teeth. Fans immediately began debating the image and several people took to the social networking site to try and find answers. One fan tweeted the singer directly, saying ‘do you wear braces or is that picture photoshopped? Please tell me it’s fake cause you’re perfect Louis.’ Whilst another seemed desperate for confirmation one way or the other, posting ‘CAN SOMEONE TELL ME THE TRUTH IF @Louis_Tomlinson REALLY GET SOME BRACES?!’

The general consensus among fans is that the photo has been doctored but there has been no word from the 22-year-olds representation as yet. Louis seems to be concentrating on more important things, such as encouraging his followers to donate to Teenage Cancer Trust.


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