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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans admits to lip injections


She has a famously turbulent lifestyle on MTV reality show Teen Mom 2 but that hasn’t stopped Jenelle Evans from taking care of her appearance; the 23-year-old has posted several pictures of herself on Instagram, revealing that she has had Juvederm injections to give her a plumper pout.

The mother-of-two visited Dr Tabasum Mir, who is quoted in OK Magazine talking about the procedure, raving that Jenelle can now ‘enjoy’ her lips after feeling self-conscious about her appearance for many years. She seemed to be quite proud of her work, saying ‘She looks fabulous.’ She went on to talk about the preconceptions people have about cosmetic procedures, explaining that a lot of people assumed that the lips are ‘automatically going to look harsh’ after having the treatment carried out, but that is not always the case. She added ‘Even Kylie Jenner’s lips didn’t get that big right away. She probably had several treatments before it got that big.’ Although she says there is nothing wrong with lips that look big, she felt it wasn’t right for Jenelle’s petite frame and decided that less would be more in this case.

Dr Mir also said that Jenelle should take care of her skin and avoid going out into the sun, as well as undergoing vitamin peels to keep the skin looking fresh and healthy.

Farrah Abraham gifts daughter Sophia with £900 from the tooth fairy


Reality TV regular Farrah Abraham is known for her attention-seeking ways and now she’s got daughter Sophia in on the action; the Teen Mom star posted a picture of the six-year-old flashing the cash she was given as a gift from the tooth fairy when her front tooth fell out recently. Farrah, 24, had only just returned from the UK following a stint on the reality show Celebrity Big Brother but she clearly still loves the limelight.

The photograph, posted on Twitter, showed Sophia with £900 in Sterling – which is a about $1400 –  that was given to her after her baby tooth fell out and the youngster was also keen to show off a new bracelet that her mother had given her under the guise of the tooth fairy. Farrah captioned the pictures ‘ToothFairy presents were epic! Sophia got an amazing ToothFairy bracelet.’ Lucky Sophia has been given even more money than when her last teeth fell out; back in July she only got the equivalent of six hundred pounds.

Farrah recently spoke to UsWeekly about her daughter losing her baby teeth, saying that the little girl had been ‘going through a hard time’ with her front teeth falling out, adding that ‘she’s not really so secure’. The mother-of-one continued ‘She loses her first big tooth and she’s just like ‘Mommy, I want teeth like yours! And I’ve had my teeth cosmetically done, so they’re looking pretty perfect.’

Teen Mom star admits to lip injections


Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has never been shy about her love of cosmetic treatments but now the 22-year-old has been forced to admit that she has in fact undergone lip enhancement surgery after posting a picture of herself that appeared to show that her lips had definitely been altered.

The photo, posted on Farrah’s Twitter page, showed the reality star smiling from the passenger seat of a car, with her lips apparently plumped up much more than usual. Farrah added the caption ‘#Selfie Wednesday #HappyTime J’ The image quickly led to speculation from fans and media outlets that the mother-of-one had had some more work done, after she admitted to a breast augmentation and chin implant earlier in the year.

Farrah confirmed the speculation herself in this week’s issue of Life & Style, explaining that she was experimenting with different cosmetic procedures to improve herself. She told the publication ‘I’m trying out collagen injections, something fun and it’s not permanent.’

The young mother recently came under fire for her parenting skills when she admitted on talk-show Bethenny that she had waxed her four-year-old daughter’s eyebrows while she slept – with one audience member labelling her ‘insane’.

Teen Mom tweets during dental treatment


Reality show Teen Mom has proved a hit for MTV on both sides of the pond, as millions of people watch the trials and tribulations of the real-life teenage parents. Now twenty-years-old, Jenelle Evans has always struggled with the challenges of being a young mother, and she’s also going to have to deal with some hefty medical bills, after receiving treatment for several recent health problems, and visiting the dentist to have her cavities filled.

Last week, the Teen Mon 2 star tweeted a picture of herself at the surgery, right after having novocaine administered to numb her mouth, ‘Attempting kissy face after my Novocain [sic] shot LMFAO,’ she wrote underneath, seemingly relaxed about her impending treatment. However, it might have been the novocaine that made her so cheerful, as the young mother wasn’t quite so chirpy earlier when she updated her status on Facebook, grumbling about the amount of time she has been spending at the dentists lately, and her upcoming tonsil surgery, scheduled for some time in the next few days. ‘Now that I’m getting my tonsils out next week now I have to get some fillings today then come back for a cleaning and schedule to get three of my wisdom teeth out!! Why am I having all the surgeries?!’ She asked, before finishing her update with a disgruntled ‘UGH.’, presumably to illustrate her lack of enthusiasm for the topic.

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