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Charities have joined together to help Filipino children


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Charities have joined together to help Filipino childrenCharities have joined together to help Filipino children with urgent dental issues. Volunteers from Dentaid, Serve On, and Team Rubicon teamed up to visit Mandaue, Cebu, in the Philipines, for a total of fourteen days. The team were based at Umapad Elementary School which was devastated due to damage by a recent typhoon.

The mercy mission consisted of hands on repairs to the school, as well as vital dental care and emergency treatment. In addition to this, training and equipment were provided for the teachers of the children.

Among the volunteers were dentist Mark Inman, and dental nurse Joy Baker from Inydene Dental Practice in Amesbury. Mark spoke to the Salisbury Journal about his experience. “It is good to be able to improve their oral health by taking out infected teeth. It was amazing to work with the other two charities because working together it had a greater effect.” The team also handed out over a thousand tooth brushes and they hope to visit the area again next year to provide more treatment and aid.


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