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Kim Kardashian shows off plumper pout


Kim Kardashian shows off plumper pout

The Kardashians are regularly in competition with each other to see who can get the most media attention by changing their appearance, and Kim is joining in the battle for column inches by showing off a much plumper pout after leaving the gym in Beverly Hills. The 35-year-old was pictured driving away from the gym and photographers zoomed in on her enlarged lips, which appeared to have undergone recent cosmetic treatment.

Wearing minimal make-up, the mother-of-two was photographed wearing large sunglasses as she left the workout facility alone in her white SUV. Suspicious fans and followers were soon questioning whether Kim has gone for more cosmetic treatment to enhance her pout, since pictures were taken of her just five days ago with much thinner lips. Some fans even claimed that the injection marks were still visible at the corners of her mouth.

It is normally youngest sister Kylie who gets the most attention for lip injections but it looks like Kim might be jumping on the bandwagon after the 18-year-old started stealing her limelight. The teenager admitted last year that she had started getting lip injections at the tender age of seventeen, having previously denied that she was getting cosmetic treatment. She has since launched her own cosmetic product to help fans achieve the look of fuller lips without getting any injections done.


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