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X-Factor winner reveals she wants to get her teeth fixed


Last year’s X-Factor champion James Arthur recently got braces to straighten out his misaligned teeth and now it seems that the latest victor has decided to follow suit. Newly crowned X-Factor winner Sam Bailey underwent a startling makeover to take part in the live shows, and now she has spoken to The Mirror about the presents she would like for Christmas this year, which includes an improvement to her signature gap-toothed smile.

Bailey – nicknamed ‘Screwbo’ in reference to her job as a prison officer and the Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle – said that although she was pleased with the changes to her hair and make-up, she had not ruled out seeing an orthodontist to get her teeth fixed. She said ‘I won’t be getting face lifts or plastic surgery. But I’ll probably get some teeth fixed. But that’s it; let nature take its course.’

As well as new champion Sam Bailey and last year’s winner James Arthur, X-Factor has done more than its fair share of advertising for dental work, with previous contestant Rylan Clark and former judges Cheryl Cole and Tulisa Contostavlos showing off the results of their veneer treatment in recent years. 

Harry Styles tops list of best-looking teeth


Boy-band singer Harry Styles has been singled-out as having the most desired set of teeth in a survey conducted by tooth-whitening company Pearlys. The poll backs up the theory that the One Direction member has contributed to a 500% increase in sales of whitening kits in males between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four. Across both genders, Pearlys reported an 18% increase in sales of home whitening products and they believe celebrity smiles are to thank for the new trend.

Founder of Pearlys, Liz Ridley, said that ‘Women are dazzled by Harry’s smile and young men want to have the same effect.’ She also mentioned that over-the-top veneers like those belonging to reality star Chloe Simms and celebrities with stained teeth found themselves at the top of the list for ‘least desirable’ smiles.

Liz added that ‘badly discoloured teeth are a complete turn off. It’s not a surprise a heavy smoker like Jeremy Clarkson came top of the worst list, while those who took part in our survey obviously think Chloe Simms has had too much done to her teeth.’

This is the second poll this week that has featured One Direction; they managed to make the top three of the highest earning reality TV stars, coming in third behind singer Susan Boyle and music mogul Simon Cowell – who launched the group to international stardom. 

Teeth whitening treatment ‘is better than buying whitening toothpaste’


Teeth whitening done by your dentist may be better than brightening toothpastes.People who regularly buy toothpaste that is supposed to make their teeth brighter may be better off booking themselves in for teeth whitening treatment.

This is the suggestion of an article on, which asked an oral health expert about whether or not the formulas are actually any good.

“In many instances, chemicals in whitening toothpastes can wear down tooth enamel and make them look dull,” the unnamed source commented.

He pointed out that this is because the chemicals in such toothpastes “differ greatly” from those used in proper tooth whitening systems.

Phillip Schofield was recently among the celebrities who appear to have had teeth whitening treatment after his smile was left stained by a wine-tasting trip, the Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile, Contact Music suggested that Susan Boyle may need to head back to the dentist’s chair again after she was pictured with teeth that appeared to be discoloured and yellowed.

X Factor star has teeth whitening


Stacey Solomon has had her teeth whitened.

Star of last season’s X Factor Stacey Solomon has had her teeth whitening carried out in Ireland.

The singer carried out the treatment at an appointment in Dublin recently and was carried out by Dr Danielle Meagher at her Botox clinic in the city.

Meanwhile, reality TV singing sensation Susan Boyle also recently announced she is considering having cosmetic dentistry procedures carried out .

The runner-up on last year’s Britain’s Got Talent, the singer sold 8.5 million copies of her debut album I Dreamed A Dream.

And in related news, Karen Coates, a dental adviser for the British Dental Health Foundation, recently told the Express that anyone considering teeth whitening should have the treatment carried out by a professional as this will often provide more aesthetically pleasing results.

She argued that dental professionals have access to much stronger whitening solutions and are better trained in the application of these chemicals to achieve a better final product.

Susan Boyle ‘wants cosmetic dentistry’


Susan Boyle has claimed she would consider cosmetic dentistry.

Star of Britain’s Got Talent and global singing sensation Susan Boyle has said she would like to have some cosmetic dentistry carried out in the near future.

Ms Boyle told Now magazine that she wishes to make her smile more aesthetically pleasing and will be looking to see a dentist in the near future.

She told the publication: “I would like to have my teeth done. But that would be it. I don’t want to change too much of myself.”

However, she added: “I won’t be looking like Barbie any time soon.”

After her first appearance on the ITV talent contest, Ms Boyle was dubbed the “hairy angel” by some quarters of the media. However, her debut album I Dreamed A Dream recently sold 8.3 million copies worldwide.

Elsewhere, Dr Philip Frill told Dentistry IQ that individuals looking for a smile that has impact might like to invest in dental veneers.

He claimed that dental veneers can be used to mask gaps in teeth or imperfections, resulting in an even, bright smile for patients.

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