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Has TV judge Simon Cowell been back to the clinic for more surgery?


X Factor boss Simon Cowell is back in the papers after stepping out in LA sporting a large plaster behind his left ear, his jaw and neck also looked red and swollen as he drove along Sunset Boulevard. Journalists and plastic surgeons were quick to suggest that the fifty-two year old must have had some sort of enhancement, considering the nature of his wounds.

Leading cosmetic surgery Dr Gabriele Borghini told The Sun newspaper that it looked like Cowell may have undergone ‘some minimal invasive surgery’, according to the image taken in LA a couple of days ago, pointing out that ‘the gathering of skin behind his ear suggests he could have had a face-lift or a neck-lift.’ Sources close to the talent show judge maintain that the plaster was not indicative of invasive surgery, in fact it was merely a protective bandage applied after Cowell ‘accidentally cut himself.’ If this is true, it won’t be the first bit of bad luck the music mogul has had this year, he missed a series of auditions for the X Factor USA due to bronchitis.

In the past, the multimillionaire has denied having plastic surgery, telling The Daily Mail he had ‘absolutely not’ been under the knife back in 2008, he was however more forthcoming about his Botox habit, which he admitted to having twice a year. ‘Yes, I’ve had Botox,’ he said at the time, ‘but not in an obsessive way. Then again, every guy I know who works in the City has had it now.’

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