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Tesco gets rid of illegal whitening at stores


Tesco has decided to get rid of teeth whitening treatment at 52 of the their stores, after the General Dental Council advised that the treatment was illegal if carried out by people who are not a qualified dental professional. After investigation, it was found that unqualified people where offering the treatment from ‘concession’ stands in the supermarkets stores.

The chain which provided the treatment, Regis, said that they have scrapped the treatment at Tesco stores as well as at its 130 salons, despite claiming that the treatment was perfectly safe.

A Sunday Mirror investigation revealed that the stores were carrying out the treatment without the proper qualifications and some were found to be selling DIY whitening kits to customers. Spokesperson for the GDC Katie Spears said that they were ‘pleased’ that the company had decided to pull the treatment from stores and salons, as ‘teeth whitening is the practice of dentistry and can only be legally and safely carried out by a professional.’

A Regis spokesperson confirmed that the company would no longer be providing teeth whitening based ‘on the advice of trading standards.’

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Botox news: Is Liz Hurley tired of Shane Warne’s metrosexuality?


Botox news: Is Liz Hurley tired of Shane Warne's metrosexuality?Individuals considering having Botox treatment to improve their appearance and remove the signs of ageing could be interested in recent rumours about Liz Hurley and Shane Warne.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the model and actress is sick of her cricketer boyfriend's obsession with the injection and other cosmetic procedures.

Sources told the newspaper: "She loves the fact he's dropped a few pounds but now it's all getting a little crazy and she's wondering what he's going to do next."

In addition, friends of the couple have claimed the newly image-conscious sportsman has sought advice on moisturisers and skin peels, as well as researching juice diets.

The retired star was formerly well-known for his love of alcohol and poor diet, as well as his fiery temper until he formed his relationship with the British star.

Hurley, 46, is set to play Dallinferno in upcoming film High Midnight alongside Rachael Leigh Cook and Billy Baldwin.

She is currently in New York filming scenes for her upcoming role in popular US drama Gossip Girl.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800699315-ADNFCR

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