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Could coconut oil improve dental health?


The ancient Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling could improve dental health and help to fight problems like decay and bad breath. The practice of rinsing the mouth out with unrefined oil is making a comeback and cosmetic dentists are pleased that patients are finding out more about the benefits of this ancient technique.

Raw sesame or coconut oil is thought to ‘dissolve’ harmful bacteria in the mouth but has so far not been tested by scientists; it is claimed that the treatment can prevent tooth cavities, gingivitis, and halitosis, as well as whitening teeth and helping with other health problems, such as acne, eczema, and allergies.

The Daily Mail spoke to some of America’s leading dentists and dermatologists to find out more about the treatment. Dr. Jessica T. Emery, of Sugar Fix Dental, says that there is ‘nothing more splendid and virtuous’ than cleaning the teeth and mouth with unrefined oil, adding that ‘Tooth decay is caused by bacteria and studies suggest that coconut oil treated with enzymes found in your saliva inhibit the growth of certain bacteria, so it’s a good thing.’

Some of Dr. Emery’s patients have tried oil pulling and they are said to be pleased with the results that last all day, tooth pain is thought to be reduced also. The dentist added ‘This makes sense to me as we use Vitamin E to sooth the gums and clove oil to sooth toothaches.’

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