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Cumbrian man has 15-year headache cured with Botox injections


A man who suffered with painful headaches for almost fifteen years has found a cure to the problem; Steven Howes, of Cumbria, sought relief from the on-going problem and Botox was suggested to him. Steven started to get headaches after being attacked with an axe in 2000; he was also involved in an accident at work in 2005 when a metal winch fell onto his head.

The terrible headaches Steven developed made it impossible for him to hold down a job and he described it as ‘like having brain freeze but instead of a few seconds it’s for 24 hours a day. Then on top of that, almost feeling like your skull is being crushed by a vice.’ After suffering the horrendous pain for so long, Steven has finally found a solution and he has been getting regular Botox injections which have cured the headaches.

This treatment has been available on the NHS for the past three years and it is used to treat migraines and headaches; the toxin is injected into specific areas of the head and neck to freeze the muscles and stop the pain. It is only temporary but with repeated treatment the pain should be kept at bay on a semi-permanent basis. Since finding the cure, Steven has gone from being bedridden for weeks at a time to getting a new job as a teacher, which he starts this month.

Botox injections help migraine sufferer go back to work


A man from Cumbria has been given the chance to go back to work after spending nearly fifteen years off sick due to crippling migraines; Steven Howes, of Fletchertown, was left unable to hold down a job because of his condition and instead stayed at home to be a full-time dad to his two children. Thanks to pioneering Botox injections at Carlisle’s Cumberland Infirmary, he has seen a dramatic improvement and is currently retraining as a primary school teacher.

The 33-year-old began suffering from severe migraines after an unprovoked attack in 1998 and an accident with a tractor in 2000 left him with brain injuries that later developed into debilitating migraines. Steven said ‘The headaches used to get so bad she [wife Rebecca] would have to drop everything to come home and look after the kids because I wasn’t capable. No medication worked.’

Botox was approved for use with chronic migraines in May last year and consultant Yogendra Jagatsinh said that the infirmary had used the treatment with six patients so far, saying ‘every one of them has a seen a very good improvement.’ Steven commented that the procedure had ‘completely transformed’ his life, adding ‘I started treatment in July and my wife has not had to take a single day off work since then. I’ve wanted to be a teacher for a few years but never dreamed I’d even be able to do the training.’

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