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Stem cell research could benefit dental implant procedures


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Stem cell research could benefit dental implant proceduresNew studies show stem cell research could benefit dental implant procedures. The research looked at the benefits of using stem cells that derive from periodontal ligament. These ligaments are connective tissues in the gum. Their function is to connect the tooth to the bone. They help to ensure the teeth remain in place firmly and safely.

During the research, the periodontal ligaments were used to create a cell sheet that was then attached to a titanium dental implant screw. The then implanted screw, combined with the cells, showed a promotion of the growth of the surrounding tissues. Therefore, the feasibility and success of the implant could be improved. This may also work to complement bone grafting procedures in the future. Better still it could, potentially, eradicate the need for the process altogether.

Professor John Fisher (Ph.D.) of the University of Maryland expressed his excitement at the research findings. “This truly innovative work combines traditional dental implants with stem cell sheet technology, thus creating a particularly relevant solution to a widespread problem in dental health care.”


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Hybrid teeth grown in a laboratory


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Hybrid teeth grown in a laboratory

Hybrid teeth grown in a laboratory. Latest news from Pearl Dental Clinic.

A story featuring on a popular internet website, Enlightened Consciousness, has shared details of hybrid teeth grown in a laboratory. The study, which was originally published in the Journal of Dental Research, gave details of the hybrid teeth being grown and developed.

The study combined cells from a human gum with the stems cells from a mouse tooth. These were then incubated. The scientists observed that the cells multiplied to, in effect, grow a brand new tooth from scratch. The new teeth also have roots and an enamel coating to ensure they are well protected. Furthermore, it seems it is near impossible to tell them apart from a natural tooth.

Stem cell research is a major breakthrough for the dental and medical world. Due to these findings, it is now possible to regrow many different cells in the body. They can also repair damaged tissue, red blood cells, skin, and muscle. This discovery could well change the way we replace missing teeth. Meaning dental implants, dentures, and bridges could become a thing of the past. However, for now, dental implants will still remain one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth.


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Dentists undertake pioneering research


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Dentists undertake pioneering researchA group of dentists undertake pioneering research that could expand the possibilities of modern medicine. The researchers from The UNLV are developing a method that allows them to extract tooth pulp in such a way that it garners four times the amount of stem cells than previous methods. These stem cells can then be replicated, and in turn, can be used to treat an array of medical issues.

Dr. James Mah, director of the university’s advanced orthodontics program spoke out about this potentially life-saving research. “Stem cells can be extracted from nearly any living tissue. In fact, stem cells can even be found in tissues of the deceased. The biggest challenges with stem cells are gathering enough of them to work with and keeping them viable until they are needed.”

This new research could help facilitate groundbreaking treatment by using stem cells to reproduce healthy cells in the body of the sufferer. Because of this, people with chronic or terminal illnesses could see their symptoms reduced, or vanish altogether. The research continues.


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