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Johnny Depp reveals stained, brown teeth at film screening


Hollywood actor Johnny Depp might find that his status as a heartthrob is in jeopardy after he revealed a set of stained, brown teeth at a film screening this week. As well as the stained enamel, the actor showed off a gold tooth that would be more closely associated with his character Captain Jack Sparrow, of Pirates of the Caribbean fame.

The father-of-two was seen attending a screening of Black Mass at the Virgin Atlantic Gala with his wife Amber Heard and he didn’t seem too shy about smiling for the cameras, even getting rather up close and personal with a microphone muffler, to the amusement of fans and photographers.

Fans of the Edward Scissorhands star are also questioning the 52-year-olds fashion choices of late, and many are worrying that Depp has been looking out of shape when appearing in public alongside his new wife at film premiers. He was also spotted with this gold tooth on show at the BFI London Film Festival which took place at Odeon’s Leicester Square this past weekend; seemingly unfazed by the dire state of his teeth. Stained teeth may look unpleasant but they can also be unhealthy and may be evidence of poor dental health.

Red wine and coffee ‘could lead to teeth whitening’


Consuming large amounts of coffee and red wine could lead to badly stained teeth which need cosmetic dentistry work.Those who drink red wine and coffee regularly have been warned that consuming large amounts of the drinks could lead to badly stained teeth which need cosmetic dentistry work.

Writing on the Bella Sugar page, one blogger said that as well as dark-coloured wine and strong coffee, some types of tea and fizzy drinks can also lead to stained and unsightly teeth.

However, the source noted that people may not want to go without their morning coffee pick-me-up or can of fizzy drink at lunchtime – so what are the options?

As well as undergoing cosmetic dentistry treatment such as teeth whitening or dental veneers, red wine and coffee drinkers should make sure they brush teeth well and use a whitening toothpaste. One designed to remove yellow stains from the teeth of heavy smokers could be ideal.

Also, occasionally swapping red wine for white could be worthwhile, and making sure dark-coloured fizzy drinks are consumed with a straw can help make sure the liquid does not come into contact with pearly whites.

Smoking ’caused terrible dental problems’ among Victorians


The Victorians damaged their teeth with clay pipes.New research has revealed that smoking caused terrible dental problems among the Victorians, at a time when they could not have veneers or dental implants to put them right.

According to a study by the Museum of London, which excavated some skeletal remains from a cemetery in Whitechapel, 92 per cent of adults had dental disfigurement as a result of clay pipes, Reuters reports.

"In many cases, a clear circular 'hole' was evident when the upper and lower jaws were closed," said Donald Walker from the museum's Archaeology Service.

The damage was not limited to adults either, with many young skeletons also showing signs of dental damage as a result of the pipes, which came before cigarettes.

Oral health experts still advise against smoking today, as cigarettes can cause an array of different problems for the mouth and the rest of the body.

According to, these include bone loss, shrinking gums, stained teeth and cancer.

Teeth-whitening procedures ‘are popular in the UK’


Coffee can stain teeth, according to Mr SamiBrits deem teeth-whitening procedures one of the best ways of improving the quality of their smile, it has been suggested.

Writing for Lon’s Article Directory, Boulis Sami said it is a good technique for those who have stained teeth due to the consumption of coffee and tea, or through smoking.

For those looking to get the quickest results, laser teeth-whitening was recommended, with Mr Sami saying the chemical reactions used in such procedures are best provided by a specialist dentist.

“While regular teeth-whitening techniques may achieve removal of debris and stain on the teeth surface minimally, more intensive whitening procedures such as laser whitening do more than that,” he added.

By utilising light and a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the writer noted, laser teeth-whitening achieves far more effective outcomes for patients.

The procedure was recently highlighted by experts at WorlDental for its speed and quality when trying to achieve a brighter grin.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19912935-ADNFCR

Drinks to avoid for tooth whitening


Black coffee, tea and red wine are best avoided if people want to keep their teeth white.

Anyone who does not want to visit the dentist for tooth whitening treatments may want to take advice from one news provider on foods to try and stay away from.

The Hindustan Times reports that many drinks can lead to yellow, stained teeth and it is best to try and avoid them where possible.

For example, red wine creates rough spots that not only discolours them, but also causes stains to become deeper.

Similarly, black coffee is also described as a “deadly staining agent” and mild cups that have been diluted with milk can be much better.

The same applies to tea, while drinking through a straw could help to lessen any discolouration.

“Dark sodas, including diet, are harmful to teeth because of their sugar and phosphoric acid content,” the publication adds.

Some other top tips to keep teeth sparkling are to brush them twice a day and drink eight glasses of water every 24 hours, Irwin Smigel, creator of Supersmile, recently wrote on the Daily Beauty Reporter blog from Allure.

Foods that can stain the teeth


Brits have been advised on some of the more unusual things that can stain teeth.

There are many foods and substances that can stain the teeth and New York dentist Dr Thomas Connelly has highlighted some of the worst offenders.

WCBS reported that Dr Connelly claimed cough syrup and chlorine from swimming pools can be particularly harmful to the teeth if they are not quickly washed away.

He stated that swimmers calculus is a particular problem, as this occurs when chlorine the water reacts with the tooth enamel causing a yellowing of teeth and dark stain discolouration.

“Lemonade, there’s some lemonade that’s made from straight lemons and sugars,” he said.

“There’s nothing worse for your teeth – straight acid and sugar.”

Elsewhere, C Health recently reported that many people falsely assume that stained teeth come about as a result of poor oral health and this is not always the case.

Indeed, the publication stated that smoking, bad diets and drinking large amounts of coffee or red wine are all high-risk behaviours for teeth staining.

Stained teeth explained


The issues that can result is stained teeth have been highlighted.

Many people falsely assume that stained teeth come about as a result of poor oral health and this is not always the case, it has been stated.

C Health reported that over time, stains can build up under the surface of the teeth and these are best tackled through laser teeth whitening treatments, rather than bleaching.

Indeed, the other factors which can increase the likelihood of stains include smoking, bad diets, drinking large amounts of coffee or red wine and in general, failing to brush regularly.

The publication noted: “Besides being an instant bad breath cure, quitting smoking can improve the appearance of your teeth. For many people, tooth staining is one of the most common side effects of smoking.”

Elsewhere, recently published advice aimed at individuals with sensitive teeth. It noted that they should remember four easy ways to reduce their problem.

These are ensuring they maintain a good oral health routine – ie brushing regularly – avoiding acidic foods, brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and using a desensitising toothpaste.

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