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Stacey Solomon overdoes the fake tan/white teeth look


Essex native and TV personality Stacey Solomon has revealed a new look that might have missed the mark; the 24-year-old appeared at the launch for at London’s Vanilla club on Tuesday. Stacey has been hired as the new face for the online retailer and she excitedly tweeted fans about the new contract after it was confirmed that she would head the advertising campaign.

The former X-factor contestant appeared to have overdone the fake-tan and combined it with extremely white teeth that seemed to glow against her orange complexion. She wore her blond hair in loose curls for the photo call and teamed her bright teeth with cut-off denim shorts and black heeled sandals. The deep tan didn’t photograph well and fans were quick to point out the resemblance between Stacey’s bright white teeth and the Friends character Ross Geller, who accidentally bleaches his teeth to the point where they glow in the dark, in one episode of the hit US show.

However, the mother-of-two didn’t let the fashion faux pas get her down and she tweeted followers her delight about her new role with the website, saying. ‘I was over the moon to be asked to model for the campaign and be part of the brand.’ She described the online retailer as ‘an ideal place to shop easily for me and the kids – plus I always discover amazing finds for my home.


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Flossing and crunchy foods ‘may help teeth whitening’


Eating crunchy food and gargling water could both help people to achieve a dazzling smile.

Many people may long to have a dazzling smile without visiting their dentist for a tooth whitening treatment and according to one publication, there are some things they can do to help them achieve this.

Regular flossing can get rid of any bits of food that get stuck in the teeth, while eating crunchy food like apples, pears and carrots with plenty of fibre also stops particles from gathering, the Hindustan Times reports.

It also has a top tooth whitening tip for people to try, stating: “A mixture of equal parts of salt and baking soda is a natural bleaching and antibacterial agent. Before brushing with toothpaste, dip the surface of your brush in this mixture.”

Another idea is to gargle water after drinking a cup of tea or coffee to help prevent discolouration, while the news provider states that it is important to brush teeth after every meal.

One star who may want to follow some of this advice is former X Factor contestant Stacey Solomon, who recently had her teeth whitened in Ireland.

X Factor star has teeth whitening


Stacey Solomon has had her teeth whitened.

Star of last season’s X Factor Stacey Solomon has had her teeth whitening carried out in Ireland.

The singer carried out the treatment at an appointment in Dublin recently and was carried out by Dr Danielle Meagher at her Botox clinic in the city.

Meanwhile, reality TV singing sensation Susan Boyle also recently announced she is considering having cosmetic dentistry procedures carried out .

The runner-up on last year’s Britain’s Got Talent, the singer sold 8.5 million copies of her debut album I Dreamed A Dream.

And in related news, Karen Coates, a dental adviser for the British Dental Health Foundation, recently told the Express that anyone considering teeth whitening should have the treatment carried out by a professional as this will often provide more aesthetically pleasing results.

She argued that dental professionals have access to much stronger whitening solutions and are better trained in the application of these chemicals to achieve a better final product.

More cosmetic dentistry planned for McElderry


Early 2010 could bring more cosmetic dentistry for Joe McElderry as he gets into shape for his new role as a pop star.

The cosmetic dentistry planned for X Factor winner Joe McElderry did not end with his success in the world’s biggest television talent contest. Joe McElderry

He tells Heat magazine that more work is planned in the months to come, to complete his transformation into a world-class singing superstar.

“I need to bulk up,” he says, “and I’d like to get a brace and get my teeth sorted out.”

Any further cosmetic dentistry work he has carried out could make the headlines after reports early in the 2009 series of the X Factor that all of the finalists had undergone teeth whitening procedures.

Emergency dentistry also kept eventual grand finalist Stacey Solomon in the show after she suffered severe toothache.

The Daily Star reported that, had she been unable to undergo emergency dentistry to numb the pain, she may have been forced to retire from the contest.

However, a source stressed that appearing in the live finals was so important to Stacey that there was “no way” that she would leave the show due to toothache.

X Factor judges ‘to show dental veneers’


The final of the X Factor is this weekend, meaning the judges will all have their dental veneers on display.

The X Factor judges will be parading their dental veneers at the final of the show this weekend, the Guardian has reported. simon cowell veneers

It is holding its live final this Saturday night, with just three acts left in contention – Olly Murs, Joe McElderry and Stacey Solomon.

Simon will be hoping to show off his dazzling pearly whites to the fullest as the live final is to also feature performances by George Michael and Michael Buble, with TV audiences expected to flock in their millions to the spectacle.

When quizzed on who he thought the winner would be, fellow judge Louis Walsh told the newspaper: “I think they are all good. It’s wide open. Anyone can win it. I like the three of them.”

Elsewhere, the Daily Star recently reported X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon had to undergo an emergency dentistry procedure last week as she was suffering from toothache.

The singer was prescribed painkillers and antibiotics ahead of last Saturday’s live show, but battled through to give a performance strong enough to get her into this week’s final.

Emergency dentistry helps Stacey stay in X Factor


X Factor finalist rushed to emergency dentistry surgery.

X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon was rushed to an emergency dentistry appointment on Friday (December 4th) with toothache, it has been revealed. stacey xfactor emergency dentist

The Daily Star reported the singer was afraid she would have to pull out of the show after the pain became unbearable. Fortunately, she was rushed to a London emergency dentist and received antibiotics and painkillers which allowed her to continue.

A show source told the newspaper: “Stacey was in tears with the pain but she battled through with painkillers. The competition is so important to her and there was no way she was going to pull out.”

Elsewhere, father of five Ian Durkin recently died as a result of his failure to see an emergency dentist after getting a tooth infection.

Mr Durkin developed septicaemia after one of his teeth fell out but instead of seeking treatment, tried to numb the pain with alcohol.

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