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People with eroding tooth enamel ‘must seek emergency dentistry’


Emergency dentistry will be necessary if tooth enamel is worn away.Anyone who notices that the enamel on their teeth is wearing away must seek emergency dentistry.

This is the advice of professionals from Soft Touch Dental Care in the US, who pointed out that it is this layer that protects the insides of the teeth from wear and tear.

When it is worn away, it cannot be replaced and could lead to tooth decay.

"Eroding tooth enamel must be treated as quickly as possible by a skilled dentist to protect the life of your tooth," the experts commented.

To prevent enamel from wearing away in the first place, Soft Touch recommended promoting saliva production by drinking plenty of water, checking teeth for damage and discolouration regularly and avoiding sugar where possible.

The International Dental Health Foundation states that you may notice erosion of tooth enamel through hollows in the teeth, exposure of the darker-coloured dentine underneath or sensitivity to hot and cold foods.