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LeAnn Rimes drops part of lawsuit against dentist


Country singer LeAnn Rimes has decided to dismiss part of her lawsuit against an ex-dentist who she claims has ruined her career; the 30-year-old was suing Duane C. McKay for a series of nine painful root canal treatments, a bone graft, and a temporary bridge, as well as veneers and crowns that she was expecting would improve her dental health and relieve TMJ-related pain.

LeAnn is still taking legal action against the practitioner but the Professional Dental Corporation he worked for no longer exists so she has had to apply for a ‘request for dismissal’ to disregard part of the claim, despite the fact she was allegedly left in a lot of pain and unable to work properly due to her dental work. A source close to the singer told gossip site RadarOnline ‘This is not the end of the case.’

According to the lawsuit, Rimes claims that she was left with a ‘permanent cosmetic deficiency’ as a result of the dental work and her professional life has suffered considerably; she is seeking unspecified damages for physical and emotional injuries, as well as money for loss of past and future earnings.

In the past, she has taken to Twitter to complain about toothache and pain from her cosmetic treatment, saying at one point ‘I had minor surgery this week and I’ve been in SO much pain it’s not even funny. When it’s mouth pain and jaw pain it makes your whole head pound!’

Reality TV mum heads back to the dentist


It was barely four months ago when reality star Kate Gosselin tweeted to her fans that she was heading to the dentist for a root canal filling, and now it seems her dental problems have returned; she posted recently that she was going back into surgery, after damaging her crown.

Back in September, the mum of eight kept her followers updated on her treatment, and promised to redouble her efforts on the oral hygiene front, saying ‘Just had the privilege of experiencing my very first root canal… from today forward, I vow to brush and floss every hour on the hour to avoid that again!’ However, no amount of brushing can prepare for accidents and injuries, and she tweeted yesterday that she had to be ‘rushed to the dentist’ after her temporary crown broke while she was eating a snack. Kate asked her fans for support, admitting ‘I am SO scared of [the] dentist… wish me luck!’

Fortunately, the procedure didn’t go too badly, and the 35-year-old was pleasantly surprised with the speedy repair job, saying ‘Survived [the] dentist – was in&out in 40 min! Heard of ‘fast food’? this was ‘fast dentist!’ All better!’ She also added that it was time for ‘dinner cleanup, homework, showers&bed!’ for her sizeable brood, which made her famous when they all took part in reality show Jon & Kate Plus Eight.

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