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Drinking and smoking ‘can damage oral health’


Drinking and smoking 'can damage oral health'Young individuals looking to reduce the risk of needing emergency dentistry should avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, it has been suggested.

According to the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF), underage people who take part in the acts could increase their chance of developing gum disease.

This news follows research from the NHS information centre, which revealed that 45 per cent of youngsters had consumed alcohol, while 27 per cent admitted to smoking.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the BDHF, urged parents to take action to prevent their children from taking part in the potentially dangerous activities.

"Smoking and alcohol are also the two predominant causes of mouth cancer and when combined they increase the risk of getting the disease by up to 30 times," he added.

Earlier this month, the BDHF warned teenage smokers about the dangers of neglecting their basic oral hygiene routines in a bid to reduce the risk of a number of health issues.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800638495-ADNFCR

Emergency dentistry news: Smokers offered referral to improve oral health


Emergency dentistry news: Smokers offered referral to improve oral healthSmokers worried about needing emergency dentistry could be interested to hear news of a new oral health scheme in Derby.

To mark the British Dental Health Foundation's (BDHF's) National Smile Month campaign, ten local dentists have signed up to the NHs Fresh Start initiative, reports.

Dental patients who wish to stop smoking will be given the opportunity to receive referrals to the scheme from members of oral hygiene staff at their practice.

Addressing the link between cigarettes and a number of dental health issues, experts throughout the county are being invited to get involved.

Participating dentist Conor Donogan acknowledged that smokers are more likely to develop gum disease.

He said: "The commonest cause of gum disease currently in the UK is smoking.

"Gum disease is still the commonest reason why people lose their teeth."

The BDHF has encouraged dental practices to get involved with National Smile Month to promote healthy teeth and gums throughout the country.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800555653-ADNFCR

Smoking ’caused terrible dental problems’ among Victorians


The Victorians damaged their teeth with clay pipes.New research has revealed that smoking caused terrible dental problems among the Victorians, at a time when they could not have veneers or dental implants to put them right.

According to a study by the Museum of London, which excavated some skeletal remains from a cemetery in Whitechapel, 92 per cent of adults had dental disfigurement as a result of clay pipes, Reuters reports.

"In many cases, a clear circular 'hole' was evident when the upper and lower jaws were closed," said Donald Walker from the museum's Archaeology Service.

The damage was not limited to adults either, with many young skeletons also showing signs of dental damage as a result of the pipes, which came before cigarettes.

Oral health experts still advise against smoking today, as cigarettes can cause an array of different problems for the mouth and the rest of the body.

According to, these include bone loss, shrinking gums, stained teeth and cancer.

Emergency dentistry to remove teeth ‘may be necessary in some cases’


Severe tooth decay and improper dentition are just two reasons why teeth may need to be removed.There are many reasons why emergency dentistry may be required in order to carry out tooth extraction.

An expert at pointed out that improper dentition, correction of the bite, inability to restore the tooth and severe tooth decay are just a few reasons why a tooth may have to be removed.

"Tooth may be extracted also if there is acute and severe development of inflammation around the tooth structure, leading to intoxication and being dangerous for human life and health," the writer added.

Following emergency dentistry to cover tooth extraction, the expert advises patients to refrain from eating and drinking for up to three hours, as well as cutting back from smoking over that period too.

People who have lost teeth in the past have been told that a denture or a fixed bridge are the most common treatments for curing the issue, according to the Cosmetic Dentistry Guide.

Teeth whitening ‘could be helped by strawberries and lettuce’


Could teeth whitening occur because of strawberries and lettuce? People who have had teeth whitening treatment could keep their smile in top condition if they follow some unusual tips.

Although an article on OneIndia said that not smoking and drinking and following a proper emergency dentistry prevention regime will stop teeth from getting yellow again, it also said there are a couple of natural solutions that can be tried too.

One of them was eating strawberries, which the website recommended as a natural teeth whitening agent.

Another was adding plenty of lettuce leaves to meals, as they are good for oral health because they have such a high water content.

This may sound odd, but a recent study by scientists at the University of Rochester also found that cranberries and white wine could by a help in the battle against emergency dentistry.

This was because they both contain substances that can fight against the bacteria Streptococcus mutans, which can otherwise attach itself to teeth and erode them away.

Educational DVD zooms in on emergency dentistry risk from smoking


Emergency dentistry could be the result of smoking.An educational DVD distributed to schools in the US state of South Dakota is zooming in on the fact that smoking might cause a need for emergency dentistry later in life.

The films, produced by the South Dakota State Medical Association Alliance, features an animated cigarette butt that comes to life and talks about the 4,000 chemicals that can be present in just one cigarette.

However, it also shows the teeth of smokers turning brown and eventually falling out.

It is hoped that the threat of impending emergency dentistry could be enough to put the children off starting smoking in the first place.

"They know it's bad for you but this helps it hit and let them see what it can do," said education officer Christine Bruxvoort.

According to the British Dental Health Foundation, smoking can lead to tooth staining, gum disease, tooth loss and even mouth or throat cancer.


Laser teeth whitening can provide “excellent” results


Laser teeth whitening can provide Laser teeth whitening has been recommended as an effective and safe way to gain a fresher smile.

Experts at WorlDental advised people to consider the treatment in order to achieve a brighter look within an hour.

The news publication stated individuals would need to consult with a dentist before undergoing the simple and pain-free procedure and would find the process provided “excellent” results.

It suggested the technology may even be suitable for people with sensitive teeth as it requires them to be exposed to the bleaching agent only once.

“…A laser is thought to be one of the best ways to whiten teeth quickly … and is especially beneficial for those people whose teeth have been discoloured through coffee drinking or smoking,” the news source remarked.

Cosmetic dentistry expert Jennifer Jablow recently described how professional teeth whitening is more beneficial and offers a better outcome than over-the-counter products, Elle magazine reported.

Smokers ‘may lose teeth’


Smokers 'may lose teeth'Smokers have been reminded by specialists that nicotine not only causes damage to the lungs, but could also cause tooth loss and result in the need for emergency dentistry.

Experts writing for the dental health magazine WorlDental have warned that bad breath and discolouration of teeth are not the only negative outcomes of smoking, but there can also be more serious implications.

They explained that teeth and gums can become diseased, due to tobacco reducing the blood flow, causing thinning and weakening to the roots, thus allowing bacteria to penetrate easier and cause infections.

In the more extreme cases it was suggested that people could lose their teeth or develop mouth cancer if they smoke regularly.

People were also encouraged by the magazine to look out for red, shiny gums or sensitivity and bleeding as these could be signs of gum disease, which is the main cause of tooth loss in adults.

Public ‘need to be more aware’ of mouth cancer


Public 'need to be more aware' of mouth cancerPublic awareness of mouth cancer has been criticised as “too low” by the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF), which found that 90 per cent of sufferers surveyed failed to seek immediate treatment for symptoms.

Despite being aware of the disease, many said they were unaware that their problems could be mouth cancer and delayed visiting a healthcare professional, instead self-medicating with over-the-counter products.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the BDHF, said: “An awareness of the risk factors and symptom recognition by the public is a critical issue in determining survival rates, as early detection greatly improves the chances of survival.”

He encouraged the public to be aware that any abnormalities or discomfort that persists for more than three weeks should be assessed by a dental professional.

Cancer Research UK lists smoking tobacco and drinking large quantities of alcohol as two of the key causes of mouth cancer, with approximately 5,300 people diagnosed with the disease each year.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19822639-ADNFCR

Fad dieting ‘could harm oral health’


A survey carried out by the British Dental Health Foundation has shown how fad diets could be having an adverse impact on the oral health of Brits.

It showed that a third of UK adults do not spend the recommended amount of time brushing their teeth each day and the advent of fad diets, such as the maple syrup diet, means large amounts of sugar are not being cleaned from the tooth surface.

As a result, there are growing levels of tooth decay – especially for young women, for whom these diets are more popular.

Elsewhere, Dr Robert Macgregor – a Canadian dental professional – recently stated that smoking can lead to an array of problems, most of which will impact on the gums, as well as weakening the mouth’s defences against other oral health issues.

As such, he warned smokers to quit the habit, as it could be causing untold problems to their oral health.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19804948-ADNFCR

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