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A smile ‘can take ten years off’


People with a nice smile can look younger.

A bright smile can help a person knock up to ten years off their perceived age, it has been claimed.

Dr Thang Nghiem, director of London’s Ultrasmile dental practice, told national publication the Mirror that stained and discoloured teeth are particularly ageing and can make a person look much older than they actually are.

She commented: “We associate stained teeth with old age. But it’s so easy to treat. Restoring whiteness has the same effect as dyeing your hair – it turns back the clock instantly.”

Indeed, people have been advised to ensure they brush their teeth regularly and make sure to get off any stains when they appear. Furthermore, eating a healthy diet can also help to keep a person’s smile bright and white.

Elsewhere, the Daily Express recently reported Invisalign braces are becoming all the rage as more Brits say they would like to emulate the smile of Cheryl Cole than any other celebrity.

A smile ‘can warm a person’s heart’


Having a bright smile can help people be confident.

People have been advised to take the best care of their teeth as possible, as a dazzling smile has been described as a winning formula for inspiring confidence in others.

NST Online reported that people might like to consider cosmetic dentistry treatments to ensure their smile is at its dazzling best at all times, with procedures like teeth whitening and dental veneers commonplace among the world of celebrity.

“A smile, dazzling or otherwise, is also a reflection of one’s inner self or beauty and state of mind. One can gauge a person’s self-esteem and confidence by the way he or she smiles,” commented image consultant Sheila Wong.

Elsewhere, Gary Hall Jr, honorary celebrity chairman of the 2010 Sedation Dentistry Safety Week, recently said people looking to get ahead should ensure they have the confidence to smile and show off their pearly whites.

He claimed there are a group of talented individuals out there who are being held back by their poor dental hygiene and bad teeth.

Reality stars ‘lacking smile confidence’


Many would-be celebrities lack the confidence to make it big.

There are a group of talented amateurs who have not fulfilled their potential due to a fear of the dentist, it has been claimed.

Gary Hall Jr, honorary celebrity chairman of the 2010 Sedation Dentistry Safety Week, said people should not let a fear of dentistry undermine their dreams and that many of the problems which stop people smiling – such as discoloured or wonky teeth – can be easily fixed in the dentist’s chair.

“Fear of the dentist is the number one reason why talented, charismatic amateurs live their lives with unseemly smiles,” he commented.

Elsewhere, Hollywood actress Jessica Simpson recently claimed she never brushes her teeth, but instead relies on mouthwash to keep her teeth clean.

However, this type of oral health regimen is not recommended and people are advised to brush their teeth twice daily and use mouthwash and dental floss to ensure they remove all the debris and plaque from between their teeth.

Smile ‘key to first impressions’


Smile is the most important part of a first impression.

Having a dazzling smile can be key to making a good first impression, it has been claimed. smile

US publication the Fort Leavenworth Lamp reported one of the first things a person notices when they meet someone is their smile and it is therefore important that people maintain a good oral health routine to ensure their teeth are always looking their best.

The newspaper noted the daily routine should involve brushing twice and using floss each time to ensure all debris is removed from in and around the teeth.

Furthermore, eating a balanced diet and cutting down on snacks between meals can help a person maintain good oral health.

Elsewhere, the Teeth Laser Whitening Group recently launched a number of new products which it claims can help bring a tired smile back to life.

The firm claimed that in a single session using its products, people could lighten their teeth by up to eight shades.

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