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Dental veneers ‘can improve appearance of teeth’


Dental veneers can improve a person’s smile.

Dental veneers can be made from a custom resin or from porcelain and each has its pros and cons, it has been claimed.

WorlDental reported the dental device will often last between ten and 15 years before it needs replacing and can help improve the appearance of teeth.

Whichever form a person chooses, however, it is important to remember that an area of enamel will have to be removed on the teeth to bond the dental veneer in place.

Therefore, this is a permanent choice a person is making, as they cannot decide five years down the line that would like their old smile back, as it does not work that way.

Elsewhere, WorlDental also recently published advice for those who have damaged a tooth.

The resource claimed there are a number of solutions to this problem, but people should always look to keep the area clean by washing out their mouth with warm water and keeping hold of any fragments that might have broken off.

Reality stars ‘lacking smile confidence’


Many would-be celebrities lack the confidence to make it big.

There are a group of talented amateurs who have not fulfilled their potential due to a fear of the dentist, it has been claimed.

Gary Hall Jr, honorary celebrity chairman of the 2010 Sedation Dentistry Safety Week, said people should not let a fear of dentistry undermine their dreams and that many of the problems which stop people smiling – such as discoloured or wonky teeth – can be easily fixed in the dentist’s chair.

“Fear of the dentist is the number one reason why talented, charismatic amateurs live their lives with unseemly smiles,” he commented.

Elsewhere, Hollywood actress Jessica Simpson recently claimed she never brushes her teeth, but instead relies on mouthwash to keep her teeth clean.

However, this type of oral health regimen is not recommended and people are advised to brush their teeth twice daily and use mouthwash and dental floss to ensure they remove all the debris and plaque from between their teeth.

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