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Calls for more regulation in cosmetic surgery market


Following the PIP breast implants scandal, the Health Secretary has announced a review of all cosmetic procedures, including dermal fillers and breast enhancements. The review will concentrate on areas of quality and safety within the market, and how it can be improved. Regulation is also a serious issue, as Botox injections and facial fillers are not regulated, which means they can be administered by unqualified personnel in unsafe environments.

‘We want to make a proactive opportunity to look at safety.’ Health Secretary Andrew Lansley told Sky News today, adding that ‘The vast majority of practitioners in the cosmetic industry are professional and well skilled – but I’m concerned that the sector as a whole does not have the systems for monitoring the results for patients and alerting us to possible problems.’

Well over a million non-surgical procedures were carried out in Britain last year, and the industry is expected to swell to a £3bn worth before long, as people strive to look younger and more like their favourite celebrities. However, the fear is that there are so many people offering anti-aging fillers without adequate training, that this could be a similar story to the PIP calamity. Watchdog chief Sally Taber spoke to The Daily Star about the lack of restriction on filler injections, saying ‘Unless we get this sorted out, dermal fillers will be the next disaster.’

Katie Price back on the Botox after unsuccessful IVF


Katie Price is glad to be having Botox again.Katie Price has said she is glad to be able to have Botox again after giving up on having another child for now.

The 32-year-old told Eammon Holmes on Sky News that she has undergone two rounds of fertility treatment with husband Alex Reid, but they have not resulted in her becoming pregnant.

Consequently, she is allowing her body to have a rest – which means she can have Botox on her face again.

"I'm going to have Botox today because it has all come out, I'm going to have it today," Price commented, explaining that it helps her because she is "getting on a bit".

Earlier this week, Price was criticised for having too much Botox by a source at theatre school the Lee Strasberg Institute, Now magazine reported.

The former glamour model was told her expressions were too flat as a result of overdoing the drug and she was not offered a place to train for an acting career.

Katie Price crosses the globe to have Botox


Katie Price has gone off to the US to have Botox.While most people in Britain would opt to have Botox treatment in London or closer to home, Katie Price is certainly not most people.

This could be why she has jetted off to Los Angeles to have a host of beauty treatments, including hair extensions and the anti-wrinkle solution Botox.

She was pictured at LAX airport yesterday (September 21st 2010) on her way to have her pampering session, complete with a camera crew in tow to film her for her fly on the wall TV series.

However, it is only a quick visit for Price, who is to return to the UK on Saturday to watch husband Alex Reid cage fight.

Earlier in 2010, Price told Sky News she thinks Botox is worth every penny in the battle against ageing and insisted she will continue to use it.

Botox is now widely used by members of the public as well as celebrities and can take as little as 15 minutes to administer.

Katie Price: Botox is worth every penny


Katie Price: Botox is worth every pennyKatie Price has defended her decision to use botox to combat the signs of ageing.

The model and mother-of-three explained that despite criticism from others, she will continue to use the anti-wrinkle treatment, the Daily Record reports.

“I’ve used botox to freeze my face. If it didn’t freeze my face, I’d want my money back. People take botox to freeze their face. That’s the whole point of it”, Price said during an appearance on Sky News.

Her comments came in response to articles in the press claiming she had received too much of the therapy and could no longer smile properly.

She went on to praise the cosmetic surgery and remarked that people should not be so quick to judge her appearance.

The injections have minor side effects and the treatment can be carried out in less than 15 minutes, it was recently stated by New Jersey botox supplier Dr Numb.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19896636-ADNFCR

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