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Getting a Hollywood smile through teeth whitening ‘will make you feel great’


Getting a Hollywood smile through teeth whitening 'will make you feel great'Teeth whitening can add to a person's confidence, it has been claimed.

Owen Jones said procedures like Zoom teeth whitening will transform a person's teeth and could boost their self-esteem by making their overall appearance more attractive, when writing on the website

"Sometimes, that smile becomes so contagious that you find yourself smiling and feeling better for the rest of the day on," he added.

Mr Jones also suggested a Hollywood smile can make someone appear friendly and more approachable to passing strangers.

He recommended coffee drinkers have teeth whitening as "the ingredients in caffeinated drinks can discolour your teeth", while smokers were also advised to undergo treatment.

People in the public eye whose teeth look beautiful and perfect are beneficiaries of teeth whitening work, according to Mr Jones.

With Zoom teeth whitening, patients can relax by watching a film while their teeth are lightened by up to eight different shades, the Irish Independent's Sinead Van Kampen said recently.

Journalist tries Zoom teeth whitening treatment – with sparkling results


One writer went for full-on brightness when she tried Zoom teeth whitening.  A journalist has spoken about trying Zoom teeth whitening for the first time.

Writing for the Irish Independent, Sinead Van Kampen said she had been encouraged to do so after seeing Hollywood stars flash their pearly white teeth on the red carpet at the Oscars and other award ceremonies.

She said that she was able to sit and relax while watching a DVD as the professional went about doing the whitening, which can result in teeth becoming up to eight shades brighter.

"Althought it's recommended that your new teeth match the whites of your eyes, I went the whole hog and got the full on Simon Cowell," Ms Van Kampen commented, joking that her colleagues needed sunglasses afterwards.

She concluded that Zoom teeth whitening can really give everyone the wow factor, but warned anyone having it to avoid food such as curries in the days afterwards, as they could result in staining.

Dr Sultan Sherzoy, speaking from his practice in New Jersey, recently said that he has seen patients get their confidence and self-esteem back after opting for Zoom teeth whitening, even if they barely smiled at all before.

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