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Dental implants ‘have the ability to function as normal teeth’


Dental implants could be an option for those with missing teeth.  Dental implants are good because they function in the same way as the teeth that patients had before.

This is according to periodontics and implantology specialist Dr Robert Pearson, who told the Savannah Morning News that technology has now advanced to such an extent that dentists are able to put the devices in place, graft in bone to anchor them and even work around the delicate sinus area.

"In the past, this procedure was elaborate and invasive. The sinus lift now may be performed with minimal manipulation of surrounding tissue resulting in simple quick healing," he explained.

Dental implants are a two-step process that involves screwing a titanium rod into the jaw bone and then adding a custom-made crown.

It was speculated earlier this week that Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi might have had dental implants to fix his jaw and teeth, which were damaged during an attack on him in 2009.


Dental implants for Italian premier?


Has Silvio Berlusconi had dental implants?Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi may have had dental implants to repair his jaw and teeth following an attack, it has been suggested.

The 74-year-old underwent four hours of surgery today (March 7th 2011) in Milan after his face was damaged by the incident in 2009.

A mentally ill man had approached the premier before smashing him in the mouth with a statuette during a political rally, causing him to suffer suffered a broken nose and two broken teeth.

In a brief statement, a spokesperson said it had become "necessary to restore the anatomy and jaw function that had been gravely compromised" due to problems more than a year later.

There has been speculation from various sources that Berlusconi has now had dental implants fitted.

Last month, Shaun Harrad from Northampton Football Club said he had to have dental implants after falling during his honeymoon in 2010 and losing two of his teeth.

Berlusconi suffers broken teeth


Italian PM suffers broken teeth.

Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi suffered broken teeth in an attack on Sunday (December 13th). broken teeth

The 73-year-old was hit in the face at a demonstration in Milan, with his alleged assailant Massimo Tartaglia now under arrest and being questioned by local authorities.

He was rushed to hospital where it was discovered he also had a fractured nose. In response to the assault, Mr Berlusconi blamed rising political pressures as a major contributory cause.

A spokesperson for the PM commented: “This campaign of hatred has been building quite rapidly recently and I am not surprised that what happened tonight took place.”

Mr Berlusconi was voted into his third term as prime minister of the country in April last year.

Elsewhere, US golfer Tiger Woods recently suffered a broken tooth when his wife allegedly threw a mobile phone at him during a heated argument.

The spat followed revelations in the press of Woods’ infidelity with as many ten women.

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