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Silhouette Lift gains momentum


A relatively new procedure, the Silhouette Lift, is gaining credibility on the cosmetic surgery scene. The treatment is performed by the insertion of threads under the jaw line that are woven through and tightened to achieve a lift in the skin. Some positives of the Silhouette Lift are that there is no risk of nerve damage, it is less invasive and the recovery time is minimal compared to a full face or neck lift.

Gill Baird, a business consultant from Glasgow, spoke to the Daily Record about her experience with the procedure. “I didn’t want to go down the traditional neck lift route, because I’d be off work for weeks. Then I heard about this procedure and I only had to take a few days off.” Gill spoke of her insecurities before the procedure, saying that she felt unattractive and would be unhappy about having photographs taken due to her double chin.

The procedure costs around £1600, which is generally cheaper than a neck lift, however will only last around eighteen months. The Silhouette Lift is a good option for anyone who is unsure about a surgical neck lift and the recovery time is less limiting and less painful. Gill has raved about the procedure and says that it has changed her life.



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