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Older men ‘are increasingly having Botox’


Middle-aged men have Botox too.Older men are increasingly looking towards Botox to keep them looking young, according to one expert.

Plastic surgeon Taimur Shoaib told the Express that a few years ago, it was only women and gay men who chose to have the treatment.

However, he now said he sees "middle-aged husbands and fathers" too as they attempt to compete with their younger counterparts at work.

He explained that having fewer wrinkles gives them more confidence.

Botox expert Shami Thomas told the newspaper that she thinks there is much less stigma attached to treatments such as Botox now that 'manly' men in the public eye are known to have them.

"There has been a major change in attitudes and the male grooming market has risen," she commented.

Dr Allan Parungao recently said in a piece for the San Francisco Chronicle that Botox is popular with men because it noticeably improves their looks but does not have a lengthy recovery time.

Botox ‘should be used sparingly’


Brits warned on over-use of Botox.

While many people view Botox as a quick fix in the fight against ageing, Brits have been warned there could be social drawbacks to its use.

Shami Thomas, PR manager at Transform, said that many people can go too far when having these treatments carried out and it should not be the aim of men or women who have Botox injections to have frozen features.

“The majority of women we see having Botox don’t want or have their entire face frozen. It’s just certain areas that they want treated. That does not mean that they cannot show any facial expressions whatsoever,” she commented.

According to the Sunday Times, however, women who use Botox are unable to display the full range of emotions because of the paralysing nature of the treatment.

Indeed, a recent study carried out by David Havas, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recently showed that Botox users struggle to frown, look angry or sad and may even be unable to show empathy.

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