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Private dentist offers first Edinburgh dental veneers


dental veneersA private dentist in Edinburgh has become the first practitioner to offer dental veneers to local residents.

The Scotsman reported Dr Biju Krishnan of the Lubiju dental practice in Leith is one of three dentists qualified in Scotland to perform the procedure and hopes his services will be in demand and put to good use on a regular basis.

Dr Krishnan told the publication: "I expect there to be a very high demand for the treatment."

He completed his dental training in California, where he worked to help celebrities get the perfect smile before moving to Scotland earlier this year.

Elsewhere, dentists in Los Angeles have started offering a combination of eastern and western medicine to their patients.

Shahab Akhavan, an LA dentist, noted the pain-relieving properties of eastern medicine can work hand in hand with western technology and techniques to help reduce pain and speed up healing times.

LA dentists ‘combining eastern and western medicine’


emergency dentistDentists in Los Angeles are combining eastern and western medicines to supply their patients with winning smiles, it has been revealed.

Shahab Akhavan, an LA dentist, noted one of the best things about the combination of these two cultures is the fact that modern western equipment can be used in conjuncture with eastern traditional medicines to reduce pain and help people feel at ease over a procedure.

"The interests many patients have in natural methods were clearly understood by LA dentists … [they] combine breakthrough science with technological advancements, proper nutrition, vitamin complementation, exercise, co-enzymes and relaxation," Dr Akhavan commented.

Professor TP Chaturvedi, senior doctor of the Faculty of Dental Sciences at Banaras Hindu University, recently noted 30 per cent of all trips to the emergency dentist could be avoided if patients went for regular check-ups.

He added that with daily cleaning, treatments like teeth whitening and clear braces could be avoided.

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