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Celebrity Big Brothers Chloe Khan has filler injections into her chin


She’s currently garnering much media attention thanks to her antics on Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother and Chloe Khan has made sure she is well and truly camera ready, by getting filler injections before entering the house.

The former X-Factor contestant has admitted to having lip fillers in the past and now she has decided to get injections into the dimple on her chin, to try and reduce it. Chloe was taking part in Channel 4’s new reality show Selfie Addicts when she was filmed having the treatment done at a beauty salon. Chloe told the beautician she wanted lip fillers and the chin dimple filling in at the same time.

Chloe explained that she has had several breast augmentations and a nose job, as well as her filler treatment, but aims to have another rhinoplasty because the results weren’t what she was hoping for. She says that looking her best for selfies is what keeps her online business going and she explained that being a ‘selfie addict’ has changed her life for the better after a tough upbringing.


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