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Sedation dentistry ‘best for those in fear’


Sedation dentistry 'best for those in fear'A US dentist has encouraged the use of sedation in helping people who avoid seeking treatment due to fear.

Patients are given a prescriptive sedative the night before a procedure, meaning the next day they will feel relaxed allowing treatment to be carried out more efficiently, Dr Tim Robinson told KPLC.

Describing how patients react to the sedation techniques Dr Robinson said: “They can still respond to verbal commands, they’re breathing on their own, some sleep and snore while they’re in the chair.”

Known as conscience sedation, the techniques are shown to reduce anxiety and in most cases people have no memory of the procedure due to the sedative’s amnesic qualities.

According to the British Dental Health Foundation, sedation techniques can be of great benefit to those who are scared of visiting the dentist as with each appointment it becomes less frightening and often more work can be carried out in one appointment as the patient is far less nervous.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19820681-ADNFCR

Sedation dentistry provides benefits


Brits could benefit from sedation dentistry.

Individuals who have high levels of anxiety in regard to dentistry procedures could benefit from embracing sedation procedures.

There are presently two forms of sedation dentistry, conscious sedation and sleep dentistry, and each can help people who have chronic pain issues regarding their teeth and who need extensive or multiple procedures carried out in a single sitting, according to cosmetic dentist Dr Scott Greenhalgh.

“Many patients are astounded at how much dental work can be accomplished in a seemingly short period of time. You will wake up the next day feeling great and with the smile of your dreams,” he stated.

Dr Greenhalgh added that people should be aware they will have to make arrangements to get home after their procedures as they may well be “out of it” for a while.

Indeed, New Jersey dentist Dr Sultan Sherzoy said that up to 30 per cent of people who undergo treatments are afraid of anaesthesia and this can result in them putting off visiting their dentist.

Conscious sedation ‘eliminates stress’


People could reduce their stress by having conscious sedation in place of anaesthesia.

Conscious sedation could be a better choice for people undergoing emergency or cosmetic dentistry treatments if they find being put to sleep too stressful, it has been claimed.

According to Dr Sultan Sherzoy, a dentist from New Jersey, 30 per cent of people who undergo treatments are afraid of anaesthesia and this can result in them putting off visiting their dentist and any problems they have with their teeth getting worse.

However, there is a solution to this issue, he claimed, sedation dentistry, which is where a person is given a pill to put them almost out, but not quite.

Dr Sherzoy argued: “The amazing thing about this is that unlike anaesthesia where a patient is completely unconscious, asleep or unable to respond, patients under conscious sedation are able to respond to commands and breathe on their own.”

Elsewhere, news provider Oromo Index recently reported that there are a range of options available to those looking to sharpen up their smile. These include contouring or reshaping of misshapen teeth, teeth whitening treatments, bonding, dental veneers, bridges and gum lifts.

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