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Sean Bean suffers dental mishap after surgery


Game of Thrones star Sean Bean underwent two hours of dental surgery this week, only to have the restored tooth fall to bits in the street as he spoke to a friend about the treatment. The 54-year-old actor was talking to a friend outside the surgery following the appointment when suddenly the new crown came loose and fell out of his mouth.

The Lord of the Rings star was enjoying a cigarette break when the accident happened and fortunately he had a friend with him to help search for the wayward crown on the pavement. After a couple of minutes searching the crown turned up and Sean gave it a quick dust off before sticking it back in his mouth so he could get back to smoking. Both men appeared to see the funny side and returned to their conversation shortly after.

Commenters suggested that the actors dental problems may be a result of his daily smoking habit but Sean probably won’t lose too much sleep over this as his career is on the up at the moment; the Sheffield-born thespian scooped an International Emmy Award in November last year for his portrayal of a transvestite teacher in acclaimed drama The Accused.

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