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James McAvoy ‘has had cosmetic dentistry’


James McAvoy 'has had cosmetic dentistry'Scottish actor James McAvoy has undergone cosmetic dentistry in a bid to make improvements to his smile, it has been reported.

According to the Scottish Daily Record, the X-Men star has given in to Hollywood pressure and had the small gap in his teeth filled.

News of the treatment comes after the 32-year-old claimed he would never be tempted to change his appearance to gain important movie roles.

However, he recently admitted: "I hadn't wanted to do changes but in this business your teeth have to be sorted out."

The subtle changes were reportedly achieved using dental veneers to cover up his previously misaligned teeth.

After emerging into the public eye in 1995 film The Near Room, McAvoy has seen great success in Hollywood blockbusters such as Atonement and Wanted.

He is set to lend his voice to the upcoming animated movie Arthur Christmas, which will also feature Hugh Laurie and Bill Nighy.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800614068-ADNFCR

Tips offered on how to maximise the chances of emergency dentistry working


Would you know what to do to help with emergency dentistry if someone knocked their tooth out? Anyone who has had their tooth knocked out or chipped may be interested in some tips on how to maximise the chances of emergency dentistry working.

WSOC TV cited advice from the American Dental Association, which states that teeth or fragments may be reattached if certain measures are followed and the help of a professional is sought in time.

Firstly, with chipped teeth, it is important to find the fragment if possible and put it in a plastic bag with a few drops of water to stop it drying out.

Then, put an ice pack on the affected gum and go for emergency dentistry.

Meanwhile, for knocked out teeth, pick them up by the crown and try not to touch the roots.

"Gently rinse the tooth in water and place it back in the socket to keep the base moist," WSOC TV states.

A glass of milk or water will do if this is not possible, which should then be taken to a dentist.

"The sooner a lost tooth is treated, the greater the likelihood of a successful reattachment," the website commented.

Dentist Dr Philip Friel recently told the Scottish Daily Record that people who chip their teeth need not worry, because simple cosmetic dentistry could correct the problem easily.


Botox could help with ‘computer face’


Could staring at a computer cause you to need Botox?A cosmetic surgery specialist has said many women may be in need of Botox in years to come because they spend their lives looking at a computer.

Dr Michael Prager told the Telegraph that because young professionals rack up a lot of screen time, they are at risk of developing saggy jowls, a second neck from constantly looking down and deep wrinkles from frowning without realising.

He called this ‘computer face’ and said it is now getting much more obvious among office workers.

“I think the problem is going to become much, much worse. In another ten years, they could be looking quite awful,” Dr Prager commented.

To avoid this, the expert recommended putting a mirror at the side of the computer to alert people to their facial expressions, as well as getting Botox to reduce the appearance of deep lines.

Last week, age management specialist Dr Darren McKeown told the Scottish Daily Record many women now treat Botox as no different than having a makeover.  

Botox ‘is becoming part of a girly day out’


Botox - just like having a makeover for many women.Botox is becoming increasingly acceptable, with many women now seeing it as part of a girly day out in much the same way as a makeover or a manicure.

This is according to age management specialist Dr Darren McKeown, who told the Scottish Daily Record people rarely used to mention having had Botox treatments done.

“Now women are not only telling their husbands, friends, and families, they are coming in and having treatments done with them,” he commented.

The expert said as many as 60 per cent of his patients now come as a pair or a group, with some mums and daughters even getting treatments together.

He added that this could be useful, as it prevents people being nervous on their own.

Earlier this month, cosmetologist Falguni Shah told NDTV Movies that Botox is really helpful when it comes to helping models beat frown lines and signs of tiredness.

Hilary Duff: I needed cosmetic dentistry on my wedding day


Cosmetic dentistry mended Hilary Duff's tooth before her wedding. Actress Hilary Duff has revealed she had to have cosmetic dentistry on her wedding day because she managed to chip a tooth before the ceremony.

The Lizzie McGuire star, 22, married ice hockey player Mike Comrie on Saturday (August 14th 2010), but one of her veneers broke hours before she was due to walk down the aisle.

“My wedding planner snuck me out to the dentist! Thank goodness it was fixed,” she told OK! magazine.

Duff was understandably pleased to have tracked down someone to perform cosmetic dentistry so quickly, as she may otherwise have been forced to digitally enhance her wedding photos!

Earlier this month, dentist Dr Philip Friel told the Scottish Daily Record simple cosmetic dentistry can quickly and easily fix chipped teeth, whether they are real or veneers.

He said an accident of this kind need not be the end of the world thanks to today’s techniques.

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