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Scarlett Moffatt admits she was bullied at school because of her teeth


Queen of the jungle, Scarlett Moffatt, has risen to fame for her appearances on Goggle Box, and more recently being crowned the winner of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. The young starlet warmed the hearts of viewer across the nation with her down to earth, caring, and funny personality. Sadly though, this has not always been the case, as Scarlett confessed that she was subjected to bullying in her school days.

Scarlett suffered trauma to her teeth after an unfortunate car accident when she was eleven years old, and had to be fitted with plastic caps due to having the nerves removed from her teeth. She was also left with Bell’s Palsy which caused one side of her face to droop, due to temporary paralysis. Following this she became a target for bullies. Scarlet was quoted in The Telegraph, “I smashed my teeth and had all the nerves taken out, so I had a black tooth as well as a monobrow, and I was a little bit chubby, and then half my face was on the slide.”

The young star jovially described herself as a ‘weirdo’ and attributes this to not bowing down to pressure to fit in at school. Now, Scarlett’s teeth are a far cry from what they once were, as she showed off her beautiful dental veneers whilst posing for pictures as she left the jungle. Scarlett is set to make around a million pounds in television appearances and endorsements following her exit from the jungle, so it begs the question, who has had the last laugh now?


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Ch4 reality star denies having lip injections with make-up free selfie


Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt has been getting a lot of attention for her amazing weight loss recently, but now her online followers have suggested that she has had lip injections to enlarge her pout and the 25-year-old has taken to social media to shoot down the rumours by posting a picture of herself wearing no make-up.

The Channel 4 reality star is open about her love of make-up and admitted that she has had dental veneers fitted but denies getting any lip-plumping injections and insists her face is completely natural. The Gogglebox regular shared two pictures side by side; one showing her with a full face of heavy make-up and a filter, showing her apparently larger lips, and the other revealing a more natural look, without any make-up at all.

Scarlett posted the pictures to Instagram and added the caption ‘To prove a point about my lips! Just to show you what make up can do.’ She also denied having any injections recently, saying ‘I’m not having fillers every week like people are saying, these pics were taken on the same day.’ Apparently Scarlett has ‘lip liner and matte lipstick’ to thank for her plumper lips and drastically altered appearance.

Googlebox’s Scarlett Moffatt sparks rumours of addiction to lip fillers


More and more reality starlets are turning to lip injections in an effort to get the biggest pout in show business, and now we can add Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt to that list; the 25-year-old has recently admitted that she is slightly addicted to the treatment, mainly due to her insecurities and feelings of self-consciousness surrounding her appearance.

The former Beauty School Copout cast member told Now magazine that she has the lip plumping procedure done at least once a year and calls the treatment ‘addictive’. Speaking to the publication, she added that she has had the treatment done three times and blames her need for the injections on ‘another self-conscious thing’ even though she pledged not to ‘go mental with it’ and overdo the treatment completely. Scarlett went on to say that she tried using make-up to achieve the look she wanted but could not make it work because of a ‘dead shaky hand’ when applying lip liner.

However, recent pictures of the TV regular are unrecognisable compared to how she looked previously and fans, as well as social media sites, are wondering whether the young beautician has gone back on her work and taken it too far with the lip fillers.



Gogglebox regular admits she loves getting lip injections

She is best known for sitting on the sofa next to her parents, commenting on the latest TV shows as part of Channel 4’s reality show Gogglebox, and Scarlett Moffatt has admitted that the pressures of reality fame have led to her feeling insecure about her appearance. The Geordie lass, 25, has spoken to Now magazine about how she is getting addicted to cosmetic treatments and even had a full set of veneers at the age of 18.

Scarlett’s appearance has altered dramatically over the past few years, although she assured the magazine that she would not go over the top with cosmetic surgery, despite it being addictive to her. She admitted that she has undergone lip injections three times previously as she felt unhappy with her thin top lip, that ‘would disappear’ as soon as she smiled. Scarlett added that she had drawn her top lip on before ‘which was no good.’

The Gogglebox star said that she felt she needed to put more pride into her appearance after people started to notice her in the street following the airing of series 3, which the Moffatt family first featured in. She even said that she has to use an app on her phone to remind her to brush her hair because she always forgets.


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