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Jazz singer gets her voice back after undergoing orthodontic treatment


A jazz singer-songwriter who suffered with tooth misalignments as a result of her pregnancy said that she has orthodontics to thank for getting her voice back. Sara Mitra, 33, spoke to The Telegraph about the situation and explained that, due to developing malocclusions, she noticed a change in her voice when she tried to sing.

Sara visited a dental clinic and started treatment with Invisalign – a system that involves a series of clear aligners to be worn one for twenty-two hours out of the day, for a period of two weeks each. This type of brace is becoming increasingly popular as it can provide orthodontic treatment without the appliance being obvious when the teeth are on show.

After just over a year of orthodontic work, Sara’s teeth were straight and she noticed a marked improvement in her singing. After completing Invisalign treatment, Sara, switched to a metal brace that is fixed to the back of her teeth, to ensure that the same thing does not happen with her second pregnancy.

Sara seems to be pleased with her smile now; she said ‘I love my teeth. What surprised me most was the care and attention to detail that was given to finding the right solution.’

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