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Blogger claims that turmeric helps her get whiter teeth



An online beauty blogger has claimed that her secret to whiter teeth is the simple application of turmeric on a regular basis; she also uses the spice on her face to cleanse her complexion. The health benefits of turmeric have been known for centuries but it is debated whether the spice can actually whiten the teeth.

Californian make-up artist Sadiya Slayy uploaded a video to Instagram last week claiming that she can easily whiten her teeth using yellow-coloured turmeric. Over 20,000 people have so far viewed the clip in which she explains how to mix water and turmeric together before applying it to her face and teeth. Sadiya leaves the spice mixture on her teeth for two minutes before thoroughly brushing them to remove the yellow stains and leave her with whiter teeth.

However, dental professionals are sceptical about this technique, primarily because the spice is a very deep yellow in colour and this is more than likely going to stain the teeth rather than whiten them. Although turmeric is abrasive and has antibacterial properties it has such a strong colour that it can stain clothes and skin easily, however it is unlikely to actually whiten the teeth just by being antibacterial.


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