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Ashley Benson shares dentist’s chair selfie


Selfies are all the rage among most people with social media sites to their name, and the rich and famous are no different. As well as posting photos of themselves looking glamorous, celebrities are now choosing to share their more interesting pictures, including dental appointments; dentist’s chair selfies are becoming popular, with everyone from Brooke Shields to TOWIE stars sharing their treatment pictures.

Actress Ashley Benson has jumped on the bandwagon and posted a photograph of herself sitting in the dentist’s chair whilst having her teeth cleaned. The Pretty Little Liars star also set tongues wagging as she was later picked up by on-off boyfriend Ryan Good, according to US Weekly.

Ashley added a photograph of herself to Twitter, showing the dentist holding a cleaning implement in her mouth, with the actress looking a little less than comfortable; although it seems local anaesthetic was first administered to make sure the 25-year-old didn’t feel any pain as her lower teeth were cleaned. Ashley added the caption ‘CANT FEEEL ANYTHINGGGGGGG’ next to the photo and was pictured covering her mouth with her hand as she left the dental clinic.

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