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Martine McCutcheon discusses her decision to have Botox



Ex EastEnders’ star, Martine McCutcheon, has appeared on an episode of this week’s ITV show, Loose Women to discuss her reasons for deciding to have Botox.

Unlike most celebrities, Martine did not have Botox simply to look younger and to iron out her wrinkles. The star explained in her recent appearance on the show that she had struggled with an illness that left her looking, in her words, ‘ravaged.’ This is what the star had to say, “I just looked in the mirror and thought ‘I’ve always had nice skin, I’ve always had a nice beautiful glow – and now it’s gone’. So I had Botox.” The illness had clearly affected the star and took its toll on her body, to the point where she felt she needed to do something about it.

After having Botox for the first time, Martine explained that she was not happy with the treatment, “I didn’t like it, It made me look a bit strange. But then I had it again and Oh my God, I loved it, I just looked like me but not a creased pillow, basically.” Following Martine’s admission, panellist Ruth Langsford also added that she would be open to the idea of Botox in the future.




Loose Women’s Andrea McLean talks Botox injections


TV presenter Andrea McLean has revealed in an interview with The Express that her children think she looks angry if she doesn’t get her wrinkles zapped with Botox treatment. Loose Women’s lead presenter decided to try the anti-wrinkle injections after her seven-year-old daughter made comments about her complexion.

Andrea explained that her daughter Amy asked her ‘Why do you look so cross mummy?’ because of her wrinkles and frown lines. The mother-of-two decided to do something about her appearance and opted for Botox injections, although she admitted she was ‘a bit nervous’, adding that ‘Part of me liked it but another part of me was a little bit freaked out.’

After her first experience with the anti-aging treatment, Andrea was asked if she would consider getting more injections to keep wrinkles at bay, she replied ‘It depends. If the kids start saying ‘Mummy, you look really miserable’ then I might go straight down and have it put back in again. I’m in swings and roundabouts with it.’

Andrea currently hosts daytime TV show Loose Women alongside Carol Vorderman, Kaye Adams, and Ruth Langsford and she seems to be loving the regular work, saying ‘I’m still really enjoying it. It’s good fun. Every day is different; you don’t quite know what is going to happen. What I like about it is that it’s never boring.’


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