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Man claims to have found a rotten tooth in a cereal bar


A man from Newcastle has claimed that he found a rotten human tooth inside a cereal bar he was about to feed to his 15 month old daughter. Russell Martin, 27, said that he spotted the tooth just as he gave it to the toddler and thankfully she did not chew on it.

The cereal bar was bought from a nearby Aldi store in Cowgate by his partner and Russell explained to the Newcastle Chronicle that the tooth was rotten so he knew immediately that it had not fallen out of his daughter’s mouth. He said it was ‘absolutely disgusting’ and immediately contacted the supermarket to report the discovery.

However, weeks later he was told that the tooth had not made it to the head office and so no further action could be taken. He was given a £20 voucher but the couple decided to send it back because they don’t want to shop at the store any more. Russell added that he was still worried about the bacteria which could have affected his daughter’s health.

The budget retailer apparently disputes Mr Martins’ story and claim through a spokesperson that it was in fact ‘an over-toasted flake of wheat grain’ rather than a human tooth.


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