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Teaching children good oral hygiene ‘could prevent emergency dentistry’


Teaching children good oral hygiene 'could prevent emergency dentistry'Children whose parents teach them the importance of healthy teeth and gums are less likely to need emergency dentistry, it has been suggested.

With Easter Sunday fast approaching, parents have been advised to teach their children about oral hygiene to avoid needing emergency dentistry after all those sugary snacks.

Dr Karen Gardner has suggested parents limit the amount of artificially sweetened food their children consume, offering natural fruits as an alternative, Round Town News reports.

Investing in a blender could be an effective way to make eating fruit more fun for children by allowing them to create their own smoothies.

Parents should also avoid purchasing fizzy drinks for their households to share – Dr Gardner suggests saving them for occasional treats.

Kellogg's suggests children should brush their teeth twice a day with a fluoride-based toothpaste to maintain oral health.

The company also advises parents to ensure their child is eating a well-balanced diet rich in foods such as cereals, beans, fruits and vegetables.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800509870-ADNFCR

Emergency dentistry news: Children ‘should attend check-ups from early age’


Emergency dentistry news: Children 'should attend check-ups from early age'Children should be taken to regular dental check-ups to avoid expensive emergency dentistry, an expert has claimed.

Research conducted by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has revealed two to 35 per cent of children aged between two and five are showing signs of tooth decay.

Parents have also been advised to take their children to a dentist from an early age to familiarise them with the experience COMMA as attending dental appointments can often be a daunting experience for youngsters.

Researchers warned parents that sugary snacks and sweets can damage children's teeth and cause tooth decay.

However, warned crisps and savoury snacks can be just as dangerous as carbohydrates, because they are broken down into the same substance and create the same acid environment.

Round Town News advises parents to take their children to regular dental check-ups so that professionals can monitor tooth growth and treat against any jaw deformities.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800492169-ADNFCR

Laser teeth whitening ‘is an instant way to a bigger smile’


Laser teeth whitening could be useful for busy people.Laser teeth whitening has been recommended to people who want to instantly improve their smile.

Dentist William Carter, speaking to Popular Hobbies, explained that the procedure suits those who want fast and easy results and is becoming extremely popular with busy young professionals as a result.

He said patients are able to achieve between ten and 12 shades brighter than their natural colour with the treatment and usually leave after just an hour feeling "very happy".

Dr Carter advised anyone looking into laser teeth whitening to seek advice from a professional first.

In September 2010, Round Town News stated that laser teeth whitening could help to get teeth looking ten years younger.

An article on the website added that removing all the tea, coffee and tobacco stains that can build up over the decades will be a significant boost to anyone's smile, resulting in much younger-looking features than before.

Cosmetic dentistry ‘can reverse the ageing process’


The ageing process could be slowed by cosmetic dentistry.Getting cosmetic dentistry could allow people to achieve a younger-looking smile in no time, a dentist has asserted.

Dr John Simmons, who owns a practice in Georgia in the US, said discoloured teeth can really give away a person's age, making them feel older than they should.

However, he explained cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening can make a "dramatic difference" and that he loves doing it as a result.

"When we hand [patients] the mirror to see their new smiles, we get everything from speechlessness to tears," Dr Simmons commented.

In September this year, Round Town News recommended laser teeth whitening for anyone who has noticed that their smile is looking a little discoloured as they age.

It said the process is fast, safe, affordable and painless and that the effects should last anywhere between 18 and 24 months.

Using lasers is generally quicker than tradition teeth whitening processes.

Laser teeth whitening ‘can make smiles look younger’


Laser teeth whitening could make your teeth appear younger.Anyone who has noticed that their smile is looking a little discoloured as they age could benefit from laser teeth whitening.

This is the opinion of Round Town News, which points out that it is normal for things like tea, coffee and tobacco to affect the teeth through microscopic pores over the years and decades.

However, the article states that laser teeth whitening will restore the teeth to a natural, younger-looking colour in no time.

“Laser tooth whitening is fast, safe, affordable and totally painless … The effect will last between 18 and 24 months,” Round Town News said.

Earlier this month, advised anyone with a discoloured smile that laser teeth whitening is the best way to achieve a dazzling look again.

Meanwhile, a recent poll by Saga suggested that teeth whitening could be popular among baby boomers, as 62 per cent of women over 50 think appearance is more important now than it was in the past.

Bonding ‘is a great way to improve a smile’


Bonding 'is a great way to improve a smile'Bonding has been recommended by one expert as an ideal way to restore teeth that have been damaged.

Writing for Round Town News, Karen Gardner explained how cosmetic dentistry techniques can transform a person’s smile.

She described bonding as a good way to disguise teeth that are not straight and to fill gaps between teeth or areas where they have worn away.

The dentist stated that the treatment is painless and requires no injections to produce a natural effect.

“Bonding is an established restorative technique that is increasingly popular. It is quite quick and painless, with superb results in just one visit,” Ms Gardner said.

She claimed that the procedure can also help to lighten gum lines that have not responded well to teeth whitening.

Dr Seah Yang How recently commented that seeking treatment for root canal problems as soon as possible can be beneficial in preventing pain later on, Asia One Health reported.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19873624-ADNFCR

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