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LeAnn Rimes struggles with dental problems


Country music star LeAnn Rimes is a prominent Twitter user and it looks like she won’t be changing that habit, no matter how much pain she is in; the 29-year-old has been updating her followers regularly on her health following dental treatment last week. LeAnn had a root canal performed on Monday and is currently recovering at home in LA.

‘Out of surgery!!!’ The singer wrote on Twitter yesterday, ‘All is well. My whole face is numb and I’m starving…bad combo. Thx for all your prayers.’ Her mood seemed to pick up later on as she tweeted a picture of herself snacking on pasta whilst shopping online.

This most recent dental procedure comes off the back of an emergency appointment last week when LeAnn had to book a treatment during the night and she found herself sitting in the dentist’s office waiting for a ‘nighttime root canal’. The Country star attempted to distract herself by updating her fans on progress; ‘This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever been through. Trying to keep my mind off the pain & what’s about to happen by saying hi to you guys.’ She later added some more details by saying that she had three shots in the roof of her mouth and another into the root-treated tooth.

That’s not the end of her ordeal though, LeAnn told followers that she will be back in the chair for more treatment next week; ‘Now I heal…til next Monday…more surgery, minor though.:)’ She wrote.

Reality TV mum heads back to the dentist


It was barely four months ago when reality star Kate Gosselin tweeted to her fans that she was heading to the dentist for a root canal filling, and now it seems her dental problems have returned; she posted recently that she was going back into surgery, after damaging her crown.

Back in September, the mum of eight kept her followers updated on her treatment, and promised to redouble her efforts on the oral hygiene front, saying ‘Just had the privilege of experiencing my very first root canal… from today forward, I vow to brush and floss every hour on the hour to avoid that again!’ However, no amount of brushing can prepare for accidents and injuries, and she tweeted yesterday that she had to be ‘rushed to the dentist’ after her temporary crown broke while she was eating a snack. Kate asked her fans for support, admitting ‘I am SO scared of [the] dentist… wish me luck!’

Fortunately, the procedure didn’t go too badly, and the 35-year-old was pleasantly surprised with the speedy repair job, saying ‘Survived [the] dentist – was in&out in 40 min! Heard of ‘fast food’? this was ‘fast dentist!’ All better!’ She also added that it was time for ‘dinner cleanup, homework, showers&bed!’ for her sizeable brood, which made her famous when they all took part in reality show Jon & Kate Plus Eight.

Cheers actress asks fans for advice


Kirstie Alley is joining the long list of celebrities who are having dental problems of late, she’s in the company of Kim Kardashian, Hulk Hogan, and The Saturday’s member Una Healey, but the actress has decided to pursue an alternative route to recovery, by asking her fans for advice on how to proceed with treatment.

After finding out she needed a root canal filling, the 61-year-old – who celebrated her birthday just last week – took to her Twitter page to ask her followers if they knew a good dentist, or if they could provide her with any tips for avoiding an extraction. Kirstie seemed anxious to avoid any kind of surgical treatment and could even be called slightly hysterical, as she tweeted ‘Good Morning!!!! Who needs a root canal??? I do!! I do!!…ugh. Hey!! Any great dentists on here with advice?? Pros and Cons of root canals… and other solutions?? Love an alternative…Not extraction.’

Unfortunately for the Cheers star, dental decay has taken hold on one of her teeth, with a large cavity opening up and causing her problems, and it’s likely that she won’t be able to avoid that dentist’s drill, especially since she’s not enthusiastic about having the offending tooth pulled out. Her followers were at a loss to give her helpful pointers, as a root canal is often a last resort before extraction, to prevent infection spreading to the rest of the teeth.

Stress can affect dental health


Members of the Saving Teeth campaign have warned dental patients that stress could be impacting on their teeth as well as their general health. Bruxism – grinding or clenching of teeth – affects around ten percent of the UK population, and is known to wear away enamel, fracture teeth, and cause severe jaw problems.

Endodontic specialist, Julian Webber, has spoken about the lack of information about stress related bruxism, saying that people should talk to their dentist if they are having problems with clenching or grinding, particularly at nighttime. Dr Webber pointed out that it was important to stop the process of wear before it gets unmanageable, saying that the average persons tooth is put under enormous pressure as it is, including fractures, fillings, infections, root canals, and other dental procedures. He said ‘If you add stress into the mix and have people with filled teeth clenching and grinding, they can develop a range of problems in their teeth and jaws. I can generally tell the patients who are stressed just by looking into their mouths’.

24th-30th of October is Bruxism Awareness Week, and campaigners are asking people who think they might be suffering from stress-related dental problems to take advantage of the opportunity and ‘talk to your dentist about wear and tear on your teeth and how he or she can help you’.

Women ‘are less likely to need an emergency dentist’


Women 'are less likely to need an emergency dentist'Women are more likely to see a dentist regularly in order to reduce the risk of needing root canal treatment, a study has suggested.

Findings published in the Journal of Peridontology have revealed that women care more than men about the welfare of their teeth and gums, reports.

Researchers found that fewer females suffer from symptoms of gum disease, such as bleeding gums or dental plaque, as a result of taking more precautions.

The findings also revealed that 75 per cent of women would be embarrassed about the loss of a tooth caused by unhealthy gums.

In order to prevent this, women are also more likely to floss regularly in a bid to strengthen gums and remove bacteria.

Previous studies have discovered a link between poor oral hygiene and wider medical issues, such as strokes, diabetes and heart disease.

New research in the American Journal of Peridontology has revealed that regular consumption of calcium could reduce the risk of developing gum disease.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800558410-ADNFCR

Failure to treat sensitive teeth ‘increases risk of emergency dentistry’


Failure to treat sensitive teeth 'increases risk of emergency dentistry'People who fail to seek treatment for sensitive teeth from an emergency dentist could face requiring more serious procedures, such as root canal treatment.

With one in three people suffering from the condition, an expert has highlighted the importance of seeking medical advice, Malta Today reports.

During a meeting with Maltese dentists, Irish dental expert Dr Gary Fleming revealed that 75 per cent of people have never used a desensitising toothpaste.

He suggested that a large number of people fail to seek treatment for their teeth sensitivity due to a fear they may have a more serious problem.

The condition, which is caused by the exposure of dentin on the tooth, is usually triggered by foods and drinks that are hot or cold, or exposure to sweet and sour substances.

Dr Fleming warned that failure to receive treatment for sensitivity could cause people to avoid brushing painful areas – increasing the risk of developing poor oral health.

He said: "These behavioural changes place them at risk for plaque build-up, calculus formation and even gingivitis."

The Cosmetic Dentistry Guide suggests teeth sensitivity can be caused by incorrect brushing, which could lead to a breakdown of protective enamel.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800547426-ADNFCR

Patients ‘should not worry about root canal treatment’


Patients 'should not worry about root canal treatment'People worrying about needing root canal treatment may be reassured by comments from a dental health expert.

Cosmetic dentist Thomas P Connelly urged prospective patients to remain calm before the procedure, as it is not as painful as most people think.

In an article for the Huffington Post, Dr Connelly stated that the treatment is the most effective method to stop pain from a damaged tooth.

The procedure usually involves drilling into the tooth in order to rid the mouth of infected pulp, with the dentist then drilling the nerves out of the root canal.

Dr Connelly warned patients that dental professionals often need to fit a crown to the tooth following the treatment in order to make it last as long as possible.

Bupa Healthcare states that the pulp in the teeth can be damaged by a number of factors which may lead to a person needing root canal treatment – including injury, gum disease and tooth decay.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800547250-ADNFCR

Balanced diet ‘could prevent root canal treatment’


Balanced diet 'could prevent root canal treatment'People who eat a balanced diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables could limit their chances of needing emergency dentistry and root canal treatment, an expert has suggested.

Preventing a build-up of plaque caused by eating unhealthy foods reduces the risk of gum disease and bad breath, Sign On San Diego reports.

Registered dietician Halle Elbling told the news provider that people should eat a nutritious diet from an early age to avoid developing poor oral health.

Ms Elbling recommended that young people consume more dairy products that are rich in calcium to promote the growth of healthy and strong teeth.

Cheddar, Swiss and American cheese have been shown to maintain low acid levels in the mouth, which can prevent cavities from forming over time.

Advice website About Dental Care urges people to drink plenty of water as an alternative to sweet and fizzy drinks in order to maintain oral health.

People should also limit the amount of snacks they consume between meals in a bid to protect teeth and gums. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800526843-ADNFCR

Tongue cleaning ‘reduces risk of emergency dentistry’


Tongue cleaning 'reduces risk of emergency dentistry'People who clean their tongues are less likely to need emergency dental procedures such as root canal treatment.

Removing bacteria from the muscle by brushing it will improve overall oral health and limit the chances of developing tooth decay.

Dental Health Magazine recommends people should purchase a toothbrush that includes a specialised tongue cleanser to make it easier to carry out the act.

As well as ridding the mouth of dangerous bacteria, ensuring the tongue is clean will also give a fresh and clean feeling.

Bad Breath Killer advises people to go as far back as possible while brushing the tongue to ensure all potentially harmful germs are removed.

The website suggests people clean the muscle regularly in order to rid the mouth of bacteria accumulated during mealtimes.

Bacteria between the teeth should also be removed by flossing which will contribute to making sure people have good overall oral hygiene.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800521839-ADNFCR

Dental check-ups for children ‘could prevent emergency dentistry’


Dental check-ups for children 'could prevent emergency dentistry'Taking children to the dentist from an early age could prevent emergency dentistry.

Ensuring children maintain healthy teeth and gums could limit the chances of them needing expensive dental procedures such as root canal treatments.

This is supported by website HealthNews18, which advises parents to take their children to dental health appointments to prevent future oral health problems.

The need for regular treatment is also highlighted by the high sugar content in the majority of foods favoured by children.

American dental company Brush Buddies has recently launched a Justin Bieber toothbrush in a bid to make the process more fun for youngsters.

The electric toothbrush plays a choice of songs by the pop sensation to encourage young children to clean their teeth for the recommended two minutes.

Brush Buddies also has plans to release Bieber floss and a dental care travel kit to make the procedures more appealing to the age-group.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800516989-ADNFCR

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