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People having root canal treatment ‘might want to look at the needle’


Having root canal treatment? Keep your eyes open!The advice from doctors is usually to look away when having injections, but people having root canal treatment and other surgeries might want to look at the needle before it goes in to their body.

A new study by researchers at University College London and University of Milan-Bicocca has found that the brain is more able to tolerate pain when it can see the cause than when it cannot.

Scientists used heat probes on the hands of subjects and found that they were able to withstand higher temperatures when they could see their hand than they could when it was blocked by a screen.

Co-author Professor Patrick Haggard told BBC News: "We've shown there is an interesting interaction between the brain's visual networks and the brain's pain networks."

Back in November 2010, scientists at Kings College, Brunel University and the London South Bank University announced they had created a device that cancels out the noise of the dentist's drill while still allowing the patient to hear the dentist and other sounds.

Natural remedies ‘could help prepare for root canal treatment’


Could natural remedies help with root canal treatment?Anyone having root canal treatment soon may wish to help themselves prepare using natural remedies.

This is the suggestion of naturopath Mim Beim in an article for the Sydney Morning Herald, who said they can assist the body in getting ready for any procedure, as well as with post-operative healing.

"Whether it is root canal or open heart, the body responds to surgery as to any injury, with bruising and inflammation," she pointed out.

The expert recommended taking a multivitamin containing zinc, vitamins C and A and Echinacea in the weeks leading up to the surgery.

Meanwhile, to combat anxiety on the day, a few drops of Rescue Remedy and some 'belly breathing' – drawing air from the stomach upwards slowly instead of from the chest – should assist with calming the mind, Ms Beim commented.

Finally, she recommended some arnica for taking own any swelling that may occur after the procedure.

Singer Kelly Clarkson recently revealed on Facebook that she had had root canal treatment.


Kelly Clarkson back at dentist after root canal treatment


Singer Kelly Clarkson may not be having much luck with her root canal treatment.Kelly Clarkson has had to return to her dentist following root canal treatment earlier this week.

The singer tweeted that she was in quite a lot of pain following the treatment, perhaps due to the infection that caused the emergency dentistry in the first place.

"This week has got to turn around at some point. I think I might be setting a record for how many shots I've had in a mouth in 3 days … not including alcohol," Perez Hilton quoted her as saying.

Clarkson put photos of herself at the dentist on Facebook earlier this week, commenting that she couldn't feel part of her face after being numbed.

This comes after Lily Allen revealed on Twitter last month that she had a 16-hour nosebleed after she had her wisdom teeth removed.

The celebrities don't seem to be having much luck with their emergency dentistry. However, anyone who needs treatment may be pleased to know that these kinds of problems are the exception rather than the rule, with most professionals able to make procedures relatively pain-free.


Kelly Clarkson has root canal treatment


Root canal treatment was the result of an infection for Kelly Clarkson.Singer Kelly Clarkson has had to have root canal treatment after developing an infected tooth, it has been revealed.

The Since U Been Gone diva posted photographs of herself on Facebook to document her recent trip to the dentist, adding comments that suggested the procedure was more uncomfortable than painful.

"I can't feel [a] portion of my face … It feels so weird and I keep thinking I'm drooling on myself which is so incredibly attractive, I'm aware," she remarked.

Adding a snap of herself pulling a mock sad face, Clarkson wrote: "I've had better days."

The Virtual Medical Centre recently said root canal treatments and other dental procedures need not be painful if they are caught early, so patients should always go for regular check-ups.

According to the British Dental Health Foundation, root canal treatment is only needed when the blood or nerve supply to the tooth is infected due to decay or injury.

US case highlights importance of seeking professionals for root canal treatment


The importance of having root canal treatment done by a reputable professional has been highlighted by a new caseA woman from the US has filed a lawsuit against her dentist after a root canal treatment procedure left her in severe pain, it has been reported.

According to the Madison Record, Amanda Markel's case claims she suffered a file separation during the root canal treatment, which took place on November 20th 2007. Since the surgery, the patient has been in extreme pain, she said.

The case accuses Miss Markel's dentist of failing to properly explain the root canal procedure and not telling her that a file had come apart and become lodged in the root canal of one of her teeth.

As well as this, Miss Markel claims the dental treatment she received after the initial surgery was substandard.

The British Dental Health Foundation notes that if root canal treatment is not carried out when a tooth becomes infected, a patient may have to have it removed.

Patient’s story shows emergency dentistry need not be scary


Emergency dentistry should not be scary.A dental patient has spoken out to insist that not all emergency dentistry will be painful and fear-inducing.

Monte Dutton from the Gaston Gazette explained that he had been afraid of treatment since he had a root canal treatment that went wrong when he was younger.

However, he was unable to avoid seeking help when he chipped a tooth n a piece of chewing gum.

"I went to the dentist's office, prepared for but dreading the prospect," the writer commented.

Despite his fears, Mr Dutton was simply told he had dislodged a chunk from a previous filling and needed only a crown to repair it.

He suggested his recent experience may help to beat his fear for good, as this did not hurt at all.

Journalist Nate Delesline from also recently said he wishes he had not made a fuss of needing a root canal treatment, as the procedure was not nearly as bad as had expected.

Could Brazilian innovation improve root canal treatment?


Patients could find root canal treatment better if two new inventions from Brazil are implemented.Innovation by Brazilian dentists could help to make root canal treatment less painful for patients.

According to the Financial Times, the field of dentistry is especially advanced in the South American country, despite its status as a developing country.

"It's an environment that encourages original research," Ultradent spokesperson Luiz Abreu commented.

He added that the company has created two new products that could soon be rolled out worldwide, one of which helps healthcare professionals to assess the amount of work needed for each root canal treatment.

The second is a set of files that is designed to make the procedure less intrusive.

Mr Abreu said researchers are interested in "combining more sophisticated materials with less invasive techniques".

The Virtual Medical Centre recently said that root canal treatment and other dental procedures need not be painful if they are caught early and recommended that patients should always go for regular check-ups.

Proper teeth whitening ‘could have prevented root canal treatment’


A root canal was the result of not having professional teeth whitening for one woman.A woman from New Zealand has been speaking of how she could have avoided root canal treatment by having professional teeth whitening.

Jennifer Lunt, 22, told the New Zealand Herald she wanted a Hollywood smile ahead of her wedding and decided to buy an over-the-counter kit to do it herself.

However, what she did not know was that the slightly darkened tooth was actually infected, something a dentist would have spotted straight away if she had opted for teeth whitening in a surgery.

"I needed a root canal and a white composite filling to cover the discoloured tooth," Ms Lunt revealed.

She urged other people to beware and warned that the packaging on DIY kits is no substitute for proper dental advice.

Last month, Miriam Stoppard pointed out to the Mirror that even though teeth whitening kits used by professionals do contain sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide, dentists know what they are doing with the substances.

Root canal treatment ‘was better than putting up with lasting pain’


Root canal treatment may not be as painful as you think.A writer has said he wishes he had not worried quite so much about having root canal treatment.

Journalist Nate Delesline said in an article for that he was full of dread when he found that he would have to have the procedure after suffering terrible pain from one of his left molars.

However, even though his dentist informed him that he had only seen five or six cases as bad as his, Mr Delesline admitted it was nowhere near as painful as he had thought.

Although he said he still would not have one for fun, the writer revealed he is glad he had his root canal treatment done, as he should now be able to enjoy many years of happy chewing.

"I will wear my new bling-bling with glory and pride and the renewed realisation that you ought to experience something first hand before forming an opinion," he concluded.

Last month, the Virtual Medical Centre said root canal treatment and other dental procedures need not be painful if they are caught early, so patients should always go for regular check-ups.

Could stem cells be future for root canal treatment?


Could stem cells be used during root canal treatment?New research is hoping to use stem cell technology to improve the procedure of root canal treatments for dental patients.

According to the Boston Globe, scientists at the Boston University School of Dental Medicine and the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine are looking into whether or not stem cells could be used to generate dental pulp.

This could then be used during root canal treatments in order to replace the man-made substance that dentists currently fill the tooth in with.

"It's kind of like any other kind of discarded tissue … now being carefully considered as to whether it might have some sort of medicinal benefit to an individual," explained Tufts dental professor Pamela Yelick.

However, any potential developments may still be some time away, as research is only being tested on mice at present.

A root canal is the space within the root of a tooth. When a tooth is decayed or damaged, root canal treatment in which the tooth is drilled and cleaned, filed, filled with a rubber filling and crowned may be carried out to repair it.

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