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Five and a half year sentence for unregistered dentist


Unregistered dentist, Ronnie Barogiannis, has been given a five and a half year sentence for fraudulently working under the name of a former colleague. Barogiannis had worked illegally at an East Yorkshire dental practice and performed procedures on hundreds of people’s teeth.

Barogiannis earned his dental degree in Sweden, back in 2003; however, when he set his own practice up in Scotland ten years later he failed to register himself or the practice. This resulted in him being fined and convicted for failure to register and led to him working under a false name.

The illegal dentist was caught out when he accidentally gave his own personal details, instead of his alias, when the practice in Cottingham changed hands. Realising something was awry, the new owners contacted the GDC (General Dentist Council) to report their suspicions and discovered his previous conviction.

In October 2014 Barogiannis was arrested for the crime and released on Police bail. Authorities seized his Greek passport, however he still managed to flee the country using a Swedish passport. He was re-arrested in March 2016 in Sweden and extradited back to the UK. He appeared in front of Hull Crown Court, where he admitted to five counts of actual bodily harm and fraud. A Police spokesperson said that during the time of his illegal activities at least eight patients had been subjected to serious or permanent damage.



Scottish dentist pleads guilty to practicing without registration


A dentist in Scotland has pled guilty to providing patient care without registration from the General Dental Council. Police were called to the Bridge of Don Dental Clinic and Research Centre in Aberdeen after a complaint about staffing arrangements; Ronnie Barogiannis was fined £500 for not having the correct legal documentation in place.

Mr Barogiannis explained that he had applied to the GDC before relocating to Aberdeen from Greece but then stepped in to help after the surgery opened, before receiving his registration papers. He has vowed to rebuild his career and claimed that he only worked for one day without the necessary paperwork between January 3rd and March 5th last year, but pled guilty to the charge of practicing illegally during that period. He told The Herald Scotland; ‘The whole thing has been terrible. I made a stupid mistake and it was wrong. You have to pay for your mistakes and then hopefully I can move on.’ He also added ‘I am sorry about what has happened… It has been a very difficult experience for me. I will have to start my career all over again.’

A spokesperson for the GDC said ‘By law all dentists, dental nurses, dental technicians, dental hygienists, dental therapists and orthodontic therapists must be registered with the GDC to work in the UK. This is to ensure only appropriately qualified and skilled dental professionals are part of the dental team looking after patients.

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