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Katy Perry admits she would rather live with crooked teeth than get braces


American singer Katy Perry has admitted that she would rather leave her crooked teeth as they are instead of getting braces to straighten them out. The 31-year-old showed her crowded bottom teeth while she was being interviewed for In Style magazine and said that she would not be able to ‘commit’ to having braces.

Katy told the magazine that she would like to have perfect teeth on the top and bottom but didn’t feel that she would be able to commit to having orthodontic work as an adult, especially when she has never had braces in her life before. She called her lower teeth ‘the bane’ of her ‘beauty existence’, saying ‘it’s like the Rocky Mountains in there!’ She bared her lower teeth to show them perfectly white but crooked and crowded towards the front of her mouth.

Instead of getting braces, the singer is happy to distract from her crooked teeth by experimenting with her hair, make-up and costumes both on and off the stage. As part of her latest tour, Katy changed into hundreds of different costumes and she is currently on a break from performing in what she calls ‘a period of absorbing, of research, and development’ before she hits the studio to start making music again.


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