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Ayrshire dentist saves the day after bride develops toothache


A bride who had to leave her reception due to serious toothache had a Hurlford dentist to thank for saving her big day; Stacey Rodgers, 35, of Darvel in Ayrshire, was forced to abandon her guests and head to the dentist after she woke up on the morning of her wedding day with painful toothache. She spoke to the Express about the experience and said that she was ‘in agony’ from her tooth when she woke up on the wedding day.

Stacey managed to get through the ceremony but at the reception she was ‘unable to eat a thing’ and she told her new husband Brian, 33, that she could not continue. After it was announced that the bride was struggling with toothache, her nephew Lewis managed to get in touch with his father Ritchie, a dentist, via Facebook. Ritchie Robertson, owner of Hurlford Dental Practice, was happy to help and Stacey arrived at the surgery almost straight away.

The new bride thanked the dentist who saved the day and said that he was ‘brilliant’ after Ritchie quickly diagnosed the problem and managed to reduce the discomfort so that she could get back to her guests and ‘dance the night away.’ Mr Robertson said ‘I was more than happy to help Stacey in her hour of need and she was certainly the most glamorous patient I have ever treated in my 25 years as a dentist.’

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