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Could Botox be getting a facelift?


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Could Botox be getting a facelift?

                 Could Botox be getting a facelift?

Reports are emerging of new ‘Botox’ developments that could change the way people use the toxin forever. The company Revance Therapeutics Inc. has just published results of testing for a Botulinum toxin. The claims being that their product could last much longer than its competitors. Chief Executive Officer of Revance Therapeutics Inc. Daniel Browne expressed his excitement over their new developments to According to the drug’s developer, their vision is to challenge the existing maker of Botox, Allergan Plc.

Although the new Botulinum toxin may not be available until 2020 it is still a step in the right direction for a more cost-effective and longer lasting anti-ageing treatment. Revance says that their main target audiences will most likely be men, previously hesitant or skeptical women, and Millenials who want to prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place. Anti-ageing treatments are big business, with many people wanting to halt the ageing process. These developments could certainly be beneficial to many and also save them a few well-earned pounds in the process.


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