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Does expensive toothpaste do the job better than cheaper alternatives?


Most kinds of toothpaste won’t set you back more than about five pounds but there are a number of new products on sale that claim to work wonders for your dental health, and some of them come with a much higher price tag. Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, has spoken to the Daily Mail about how these products could improve, or possibly damage, your teeth.

Dr Carter examined a number of different toothpastes with radical claims, from freshening breath to rebuilding enamel, and gave his verdict on the products; in some cases, describing the paste as ‘under-formulated and over-sold.’

When it comes to whitening teeth, pastes can do big business, but Dr Carter is not convinced that the more expensive products, costing around £12, will do the job, since the hydrogen peroxide contained is just 0.1% – nowhere near enough to make a difference with dental stains. Most whitening toothpastes will use abrasive ingredients to remove surface stains and Dr Carter surmised that ‘a product at an eighth of the price is going to be as good.’

The most expensive toothpaste claims to regenerate enamel and costs £40; although Dr Carter was sceptical at first, he admitted that Regenerate Enamel Science was ‘really exciting’ because it has taken ten years of research and extensive studies that support the theory behind the product. He added that ‘It is expensive but, with ten years of research and as a unique product on the market, there’s a real reason for the premium price.’

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