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Real Housewives star shares throwback photo from before Botox treatment



She’s not shy about sharing her various cosmetic treatments with fans and The Real Housewives of Melbourne star Janet Roach, now 57, is happy to show them how much she has changed from before she decided to have plastic surgery and Botox injections done.

Janet posted a picture of herself with Fiddler On The Roof actor Chaim Topol, looking youthful and wrinkle-free, apparently in her mid-thirties at the time. She added the caption ‘…the evening I spent with Topol, very famous for his performance in Fiddler on the Roof xxx’.

The former pageant contestant has been open about the cosmetic procedures she has had in the past, talking about her breast implants and her love of Botox and filler injections.

Janet has also shared some pictures of herself taking part in a beauty pageant and added the caption ‘I am so excited to announce that I will be a part of the judging panel, tomorrow night for the @missworldaustralia extravaganza! I want to get in early and wish all of the girls best of luck!’



Kim Zolciak admits to Botox and fillers in interview with her daughter


Reality star Kim Zolciak is used to being put on the spot in interviews but the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is probably not used to being interviewed by her own daughter. Kim, 38, was filmed for an interview for TMZ at LAX and her daughter Brielle, 19, was behind the camera.

Kim’s daughter was not scared to ask the big questions about her mother’s surgical procedures and she asked her mother straight away what she was doing in Los Angeles. Kim explained that she had flown in to visit her cosmetic surgeon and got some Botox treatment done. Although she might have gone under the knife before, Kim said that she did not have any plastic surgery done during this visit and just had fillers into her lips and Botox injections to smooth out any wrinkles that might appear.

Brielle asked her whether she visits every time she flies to LA and Kim admitted that she does like to see her cosmetic surgeon and added that she loves him. The reality regular also said that she occasionally flies to LA just for Botox treatment but recently she has been ‘doing some other shows’ but was unable to talk about it immediately.


Reality star Courtney Stodden shows off results of lip injections


Reality TV regular Courtney Stodden has made something of a name for herself when it comes to plastic surgery; the 19-year-old has already admitted to a breast augmentation and she has now taken to Twitter to show off the results of her latest treatment – lip injections. Courtney visited Dr Paul Nassif – of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ fame – to get her lips plumped up and then tweeted the surgeon to thank him for his work.

Courtney – who is famous for her marriage to 53-year-old actor Doug Hutchison – posted her gratitude on social networking sight Twitter, saying ‘@DrPaulNassif thx for my new pout & having such a kind energy about you. You make your patients feel so comfortable J Will tweet pic soon x’

A few days later, Stodden was as good as her word and added a picture of her plumped-up lips, before tweeting her thanks again ‘@DrPaulNassif new pout looks so lovely. Thank you, Doc 😉 x.’ Courtney also famously posted a picture of her new chest after undergoing a breast augmentation at the tender age of 18. The former beauty queen left Celebrity Big Brother UK last year, but is set to make a return to our screens as part of a reality show set in LA, alongside fellow housemate Lauren Harries. Lauren revealed ‘we are doing a programme together for Channel 5. I have been in contact with Doug [Hutchison] and it is all systems go. It is a reality show with me and Courtney and it is about us being together in LA.’

Real Housewives star encourages women to use Botox


Looking at the faces of the stars of reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it seems quite obvious that there has been an abundance of Botox, fillers, and other cosmetic treatments that have been used beyond necessity, but the shows most well-preserved star, Lisa Vanderpump, doesn’t appear to be in the same league as her plastic cast mates.

Although she might have undergone regular facial treatments, including Botox and fillers, and had veneers fitted, the English Real Housewife is perhaps the most natural-looking of the cast members – despite the fact she admits that it is tough to keep youthful in the TV industry.

52-year-old Vanderpump, originally from London, has some experience with plastic surgery but prefers to use it in moderation, to make sure that the changes are not obvious and the results don’t look fake. Speaking to LifeGoesStrong on Wednesday, the mother-of-two said that ‘Botox [and] a little filler can be done if that’s your choice, but it shouldn’t look done.’ She joked about her own minimal use of facial injections, saying ‘I am raising my eyebrows, which I shouldn’t be able to do.’

She also sympathised with women of ‘a certain age’ and offered encouragement to those who feel that skin cream is not getting the job done. Lisa suggested that ‘if you can afford it’ a little bit of Botox is not a bad thing and could improve your complexion where skin cream is not adequate.

Real Housewives star overdoes the Botox look


When used correctly, Botox can effectively – and discreetly – smooth out unsightly wrinkles that make the skin look aged, however, reality star Taylor Armstrong seems to have overlooked that point and now it’s anyone’s guess whether she’s smiling or grimacing. Spotted outside a restaurant in West Hollywood last week, the 38-year-old displayed an incredibly smooth complexion, which gave little away about how she was feeling on the inside as her face looked frozen and emotionless.

Taylor has been open about her use of the anti-aging drug Botox and also dermal fillers, but many people on the set of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills feel she might have overdone it this time in preparation for filming the new season. It’s thought that the shows main protagonist is trying to make herself look younger for the close ups and to keep up with her fellow ‘housewives’, she told RumorFix earlier this year; ‘I have my original nose and my original cheek bones. I do get filler and Botox maintenance, but it’s definitely not surgery. We are certainly not a big plastic surgery cast.’

Miami plastic surgeon Dr Michael Salzhauer spoke to about the mother-of-one, saying ‘It looks like Taylor Armstrong maintains her beautiful looks with a little help from Botox to her forehead and around her eyes and dermal fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to give her those plump lips and full cheeks.’

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